2006 Arlington County Carshare Program Study

This research study was the follow-up tracking wave to the initial Pilot Carshare Study conducted in April 2005. Since then, the Arlington County Carshare Program has become a permanent transportation service. This study measured Carshare Members’ feelings and opinions of the program. The results helped assess the overall effectiveness of the Carshare program.


  • Program increased membership, but not trips: Number of members in the program increased by over a third from 2,546 to 3,489 Flexcar and Zipcar members; There was a slight decline in the number of carshare trips per person taken in 2006 year compared to 2005; Shopping and personal business were the top two trip purposes for carshare users.
  • Members rated both Flexcar and Zipcar services as excellent.
  • Members reported that carshare reduced their vehicle-miles traveled (VMT).
  • Program was shown to encourage transit-oriented living: The majority (83%) of carshare members lived in the Metrorail corridors; Members said they use transit and walk more often.
  • Members reduced vehicle ownership: Some members said they were able to give up a vehicle and/or were more likely to postpone purchasing a vehicle as a result of their membership.
  • Members felt safer with carshare vehicles parked on the street or in open parking lots rather than in parking garages.
  • County partnership increased member confidence:  When asked, members said they felt more confident knowing Flexcar and Zipcar were partners with Arlington County.


Full Presentation (PDF):  Arlington Carshare Program 2006 Report

Technical Summary (PDF):  Summary – 2006 Arlington County Carshare Program STUDY


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