Month: February 2007

Run Continuous Education Campaigns — Build Awareness of the Transportation System

Every five years the County turns over 50% of its population base—100,000 residents leave the County, and 100,000 new residents arrive. Almost half of teen riders say that a lack of information and knowledge may be a barrier for riding the bus. 35% said they don’t know where the bus stops are, and 32% said… Read more »

Let Employers Advance the Cause — Implement Employer-based Programs

What We Know: Employer involvement increases participation in commute alternatives. According to the 2006 Arlington County Resident Study, 31% say their employer offers commute assistance services and/or benefits. Prior studies show even higher percentages. The most common offering is transit subsidies. Among the residents who did not have access to transit subsidies, 36% said they would… Read more »

Support Arlington’s Urban Villages — Cars Not Required

What makes it so easy to get around without a car? In a word —alternatives! Public Perceptions of Transit studies in 2004 and 2005 found that Metrorail and Metrobus were perceived as “safer” than driving alone.