ACCS Making an Impact FY2008

In FY 2008, Arlington County Commuter Services (ACCS) eliminated 38,000 daily vehicle trips in the County by helping people shift from driving alone to transit, carpooling, vanpooling, walking, bicycling, or teleworking. To visualize 38,000 vehicles, consider that I-395 and I-66 carry a combined total of 37,000 passenger vehicles in eight inbound lanes during the three hour morning rush period. This shift also prevented more than 542,000 vehicle miles of travel (VMT) per day and contributed to traffic reduction during the peak travel periods. Increased use of alternatives modes also eliminates more than 64,000 tons of air pollution associated with global warming and saves nearly 23,000 gallons of gasoline each day. In a year, ACCS eliminated 10.4 million daily trips in the County.

Since 1989, ACCS, a division of Arlington County’s Department of Environmental Services, has served as the transportation information and educational resource center for Arlington County, Virginia. Through Transportation Demand Management (TDM), ACCS meets its goals of:

  •  encouraging the use of non-single occupant vehicle (SOV) travel
  •  lessening congestion, air pollution, and energy consumption
  •  improving accessibility
  •  enhancing quality of life

Transportation Demand Management is a comprehensive set of services, programs, policies, and strategies for businesses and individuals that promote the use of public transit, walking, biking, carpooling, vanpooling, teleworking, and other options. ACCS’ TDM services are the “software” that enables the “hardware” of Arlington County’s multimodal transportation infrastructure and urban village development to function effectively. ACCS offers a wide range of TDM services and programs:

  •  Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP)
  •  The Commuter Store® and Mobile Commuter Store®
  •  Call/fulfillment center—703/228-RIDE
  •  Marketing and Outreach
  •  Logistics and Distribution
  •  WALKArlington
  •  BikeArlington
  •  Carsharing
  •  Planning and Research
  •  Site Plan Development and Enforcement


2008 ACCS Making an Impact Report (PDF)

Contact the ACCS Research Team for more information.

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