2009 ACCS Green Study

The purpose of the Green Study is to examine the current impact and future promise of “being green” on building greater support and use of alternatives to Drive Alone travel.

Sustainable Transportation in Arlington County

  • Satisfaction with Arlington’s transportation system was high and did not vary much by location within the County.
  • About half the respondents reported regularly using an alternative mode of transportation to commute to work. Almost forty percent said they use a mode other than their regular mode at least a few times a month, and were most likely to choose Metrorail.
  • Public transportation played a major role in the decision to move to and remain in Arlington. Three-quarters of those who had a decision-making role in moving to Arlington said that public transportation was an important part of that decision. Likewise, three-quarters of all respondents said that public transportation is important in their decision to remain in Arlington.
  • More respondents who lived in the Metrorail corridors felt that Arlington was a good place to live a car-free life than those living in other parts of Arlington. Respondents living in the Metrorail corridors were also more likely to use alternative modes of transportation and to report that they came to and were staying in Arlington because of transportation opportunities.

 Current State of “Green” in Arlington County

  • Seventy-three percent of respondents described themselves as “environmentally responsible,” as compared to only fifty-two percent in a national survey that asked the same question.
  • Almost 8 in 10 respondents said that Arlington County was environmentally responsible and was doing a good job of supporting green behaviors such as recycling, biking/walking, and getting around without a car. (link to blogpost)
  • Living greener was towards the bottom of the list in terms of importance in moving to and staying in Arlington among all respondents, but those who were considered “Green” said that being able to live greener was a driver in moving to and staying in Arlington.

Determining Shades of “Green” of Arlington County Residents  

  • Respondents were segmented into five shades: Brown, Faux Green, Green, Greener, Greenest
  • Determination was based on a combination score based on self-reported description (attitude) and self-reported actions (behavior).

Relationship between “Green” and Sustainable Transportation Behaviors

  • Greener respondents were more likely to think of Arlington as a place for people who want to live a car free life.
  • Greener respondents were more likely to demonstrate sustainable transportation behaviors than those who were less green.
  • Greener respondents were more likely to say that transportation brought them to Arlington and that it is important in their decision to stay in the County.

  • Mode of Data Collection – Telephone survey of Arlington County residents conducted between October 8, 2009 and November 1, 2009
  • Completed Surveys – A total of 1,001 respondents completed this survey
  • Survey Population – Arlington County residents aged 18 or older
  • Survey Instrument – Telephone Questionnaire
  • Criteria for Participation – Must live in Arlington County and be aged 18 or older
Link to Fall Solutions Newsletter with Article on Green Study: 

Link to Blogpost on Green Study: http://www.commuterpageblog.com/2010/06/is-it-easy-to-be-green-in-arlington.html


Full Presentation (PDF):  2009 Arlington County Green Study PRESENTATION

Technical Summary (PDF): SUMMARY – 2009 Arlington County Green Study

Insights Presentation (PDF): 2009 AC Resident Transportation and Green INSIGHTS PRESENTATION

Data Tables (PDF): 2009 Arlington County Green Study DATA TABLES

Survey Questionnaire (PDF): 2009 Arlington County Green Study QUESTIONNAIRE

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