2010 Redefine Your Commute Study

During the Redefine Your Commute campaign, over 13,510 people were contacted and 415 individual commute planners produced.

Survey intercepts conducted at selected properties, along with a follow-up detailed online survey, informed us that individuals appreciated receiving their commute information in an event setting rather than from their employer or residential property manager. Individuals also stated that they were more apt to make a change with the information they received at the Redefine Your Commute type events versus indirectly from their employers.  Keyfindings from those intercepted at the events included the following:

  • 68% said they planned to follow up on information received
  • Almost half said they planned to increase their usage of alternatives to driving
  • Of those who took the follow-up survey:
    • 42% have sought more information regarding the information received at the events
    • 50% have made a work or non-work travel mode change since the event, and about one-third of those say it was because of the event or ATP services.









The campaign targeted end-user audiences of commuters and residents. The campaign made finding transportation solutions simple by providing information about all available commuting options specific to their home or work location. Since only 20% of employees in Arlington County live in the County, this campaign was helpful to most Arlington residents and employees. The campaign was developed to reengage current customers as well as revitalize services that were offered.

Through previous research, it was determined that individuals were looking for more specialized services regarding their transportation options. Four customized marketing pieces were developed: Commute Planners; Quick Glance; Poster; and Resource Guide. Commuters were engaged at breakfast events in commercial buildings and afternoon events in residential buildings. People who drove alone were offered the marketing pieces and assisted in finding another transportation mode to fit their needs. Follow up consisted of contacting the employers and property managers to deliver the commute planners and discuss ways to make commutes work better. For more info, see:


Success of the campaign was measured by the following indicators:

  • 46% of  buildings solicited successfully held a Redefine Your Commute event (Goal was 40%)
  • 13,510 individual commuters were engaged at events
  • 64 Resource Guides were produced
  • 99 organizations were engaged and 415 individual commute planners were produced
  •  103 new employer or residential property prospects added to the ATP client database
  • 59 instances of increased participation in ATP programs by employer and residential communities


Full Presentation (PDF):  2010 Redefine Your Commute Study

Survey Questionnaire (PDF):  2010 Redefine Your Commute Questionnaire

Survey Questionnaire  – Follow-up (PDF):  2010 Redefine Your Commute Questionnaire Follow-up

Data Tables (PDF):  2010 Redefine Your Commute DATA TABLES

Data Tables – Follow-up (PDF):  2010 Redefine Your Commute Follow-up DATA TABLES

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