2009 ACCS CommuterPage Study – Wave 2


Demographics of CommuterPage.com Survey Respondents:

  • The mean age of the respondents is 44, and gender is almost evenly split.
  • Only 19% of the respondents actually live in Arlington County and 18% work in Arlington County.
  • 71% are employed at least part time.
  • A quarter of those employed typically commute by driving alone. The rest use alternates modes such as bus and metro among others.

User Behavior:

  • People use CommuterPage.com to get information about transportation. 46% downloaded something (e.g. schedule or map). Metrobus and rail schedules and maps were the most downloaded/requested.
  • 47% come to CommuterPage.com via some other online source. 85% of those who knew what they were looking for when they went to CommuterPage.com, found it.
  • 57% indicated it was their first time visiting CommuterPage.com. 22% indicated they visit the site at least once a month.

 Site Experience:

  • 61% said they had a good overall experience on the site (29% said “very good”).
  • 73% find the content on CommuterPage.com better than that of other informational sites. The lowest rated characteristic was “Visuals/Images” at 52%.
  • 47% of respondents said they liked CommuterPage.com’s information and content best.
  • No one type of improvement stood out and 31% did not have any suggestions for improvement or didn’t know.
  • 44% say they would recommend CommuterPage.com and the Net Promoter Score™ is 20%.

CommuterPage.com’s Impact:

  • A third did not know what organization operates CommuterPage.com and many incorrectly identified the service operator. However, 20% said the Arlington Government provides the service and 4% identified ACCS.
  • Awareness of other Arlington services ranged between 30% and 54% with the Commuter Store being highest and WALKArlington lowest.
  • 55% made changes in how they travel to work since they first started using CommuterPage.com. 42% of those drove alone prior to making the change. 51% of respondents indicated that CommuterPage.com was instrumental in those changes.
  • 43% made changes in how they make non-work-related trips since they first started using CommuterPage.com. CommuterPage.com was instrumental in 36% of the non-work changes.


  • 56% use some sort of mobile device like a Blackberry or an iPhone. 57% of those have downloaded something from CommuterPage.com onto their mobile device.
  • 68% use a social networking site (most popular is Facebook).
  • Windows XP is the most used operating system and Internet Explorer the most used browser.
  • Most have never had any trouble accessing CommuterPage.com.


  • Mode of Data Collection – Pop-up advertisement (appeared thrice on top 10 pages of website); Email invitation to 256 panel members (respondents of the CommuterDirect, BikeArlington, WALKArlington surveys conducted previously who said they used CommuterPage);
  • Completed Surveys – 345 total (310 from pop-up ads, 35 from email invitations)
  • Survey Population – Visitors to CommuterPage.com between 12/4/09 and 1/6/10 and 256 panel members
  • Survey Instrument – Online Questionnaire
  • Criteria for Participation – Access to the questionnaire (ostensibly site users)


Full Presentation (PDF):  2009 ACCS CommuterPage REPORT

Technical Summary (PDF):  Summary – 2009 ACCS CommuterPage STUDY

Survey Questionnaire (PDF):  2009 ACCS CommuterPage QUESTIONNAIRE

Data Tables (PDF):  2009 ACCS CommuterPage DATA TABLES




Contact the ACCS Research Team for more information.

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