2011 ACCS BikeArlington Study


BikeArlington, a program of Arlington County Commuter Services (ACCS), works to make biking in Arlington easier, safer, and more convenient. In 2011, the Southeastern Institute of Research was contracted to survey both bikers and non-bikers in Arlington to understand the impact of the program and to learn ways to encourage more widespread use of cycling to reduce vehicular traffic, encourage healthier lifestyles, and reduce air pollution. The study found that 77% of respondents were aware of BikeArlington, highlighting the success of the outreach. 37% of respondents who said they were aware of the program reported they were familiar with it. Familiarity has increased since the 2008 study, when only 19% reported being familiar with the program.




BikeArlington scored high satisfaction ratings in the survey. 79% of respondents reported they were satisfied with the service, and more than half (54%) of BikeArlington users have already recommended the program to someone else. Most importantly, almost half of those who used BikeArlington services reported making a change in their biking behavior!!

Download the BikeArlington Report Card: 2011 BikeArlington Report Card




The study also highlighted some interesting facts about people who bicycle in Arlington County:

  1. 83% of respondents biked a couple of times a week or more.
  2. Exercise and recreation were frequent reasons people cited for biking; additionally, younger adults see biking as a way to save money.
  3. The multi-use trails were frequently used by bikers and 81% of people were satisfied with these trails.
  4. 75% of respondents biked for all or part of their commute.
  5. 74% of those surveyed reported their employers offered assistance, information or facilities that encouraged biking to work.
  6. Showers on site and connections to bike lanes or multi-use trails can entice people to begin biking to work or to bike more often.

Download 10 Surprising Facts About People Who Bike in Arlington: 2011 BikeArlington Survey Facts

Bicycle-commuting is popular in Arlington with 68% of employed respondents saying they biked to work at least once a week.  They traveled an average of 8 miles by bike and it took them an average of 39 minutes. The survey provided insights into what employers can do to support and encourage bicycling for their employees. Download Employer Tips: 2011 BikeArlington Survey Employer Sheet

Sharing the road with vehicles, especially at night, was found to be the biggest safety concern. Women had more safety concerns than men. Crime was not reported as a major concern. The study has helped identify the need for safety classes and events, especially for female riders.

Click through the slides below for more key findings of this study.


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Highlights Powerpoint Show (pps): BikeArlington Highlights 10 25 11

Full Presentation (pdf): 2011 ACCS BikeArlington Study 10_17_11

Technical Summary (pdf): Tech Summary – 2011 BikeArlington Study

Survey Questionnaire (pdf): ACCS BikeArlington Survey Questionnaire FINAL

Intercept Questionnaire (pdf): ACCS Bike Walk Intercept Questionnaire

Data Tables (pdf): 2011 BikeArlington Data Tables

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