2007 Arlington County Commuter Services (ACCS) CommuterPage.com Study

The purpose of this study is to understand how ACCS’ CommuterPage.com is currently performing, to identify ways to improve the site, to measure the overall impact of ACCS’ investment in CommuterPage.com, and to establish benchmarks from which performance gains can be made.


Demographics of CommuterPage.com Survey Respondents:

  • The mean age of the respondents is 40, and gender is almost evenly split.
  • Only a quarter of the respondents actually live in Arlington County.
  • 87% are employed at least part time.  Arlington Residents more likely than others to not be employed.
  • A third of those employed typically commute via Metrorail (38%) while 20% each drive alone and use the bus.

User Behavior:

  • 61% come to CommuterPage.com via some other online source.  86% of those who knew what they were looking for when they went to CommuterPage.com, found it.
  • People use CommuterPage.com to get information about transportation.  48% downloaded something (e.g. schedule or map).  Metrobus and rail schedules and maps were the most downloaded/requested.
  • 38% indicated it was their first time visiting CommuterPage.com.  40% indicated they visit the site at least once a month.

Site Experience:

  • 73% find the content on CommuterPage.com better than that of other informational sites.  The lowest rated characteristic was “Visuals/Images” at 53%.
  • 33% of respondents gave a 4 or 5 (top 2 box) rating for all 6 characteristics indicating they find the site better than other informational sites on all measures.
  • 58% of respondents said they liked CommuterPage.com’s information, content, and onestop-shopping aspect best.
  • 20% wish that the site were less cluttered.  But 18% did not have any suggestions for improvement.

CommuterPage.com’s Impact:

  • 55% made changes in how they travel to work since they first started using CommuterPage.com.  83% of those changes were transit related and about half of those drove alone prior to using CommuterPage.com.  70% of respondents indicated that CommuterPage.com was instrumental in those changes.
  • 43% made changes in how they make non-work-related trips since they first started using CommuterPage.com.  CommuterPage.com was instrumental in 52% of the nonwork changes.


  • Mode of Data Collection – Pop-up advertisement on main pages of site: Pop-up appeared twice; Link to survey also on key pages; 11 constant questions, 3 sets of three that rotated in for a total of 14 questions that each respondent answered
  • Completed Surveys – 346 Completed.  Between 101 and 139 respondents for rotating questions
  • Survey Population – Visitors to CommuterPage.com between 5/14/07 and 6/25/07; Email sent to 2300 email news, ART Alerts, and schedule updates subscribers
  • Survey Instrument – Online Questionnaire
  • Criteria for Participation – Access to the questionnaire (ostensibly site users)


Full Presentation (PDF):  2007 ACCS Commuter Page REPORT

Technical Summary (PDF):  Summary – 2007 ACCS Commuter Page STUDY

Survey Questionnaire (PDF):  2007 ACCS Commuter Page QUESTIONNAIRE

Data Tables (PDF):  2007 ACCS Commuter Page DATA TABLES


Contact the ACCS Research Team for more information.


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