2007 Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP) Client Study

The purpose of this study was to collect and analyze information needed to assess the performance and impact of Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP) and their programs, and to establish benchmarks from which performance gains can be made.


ATP-specific Services:  Three-quarters of respondents are satisfied with ATP, 7 in 10 find them useful.

  • Level 3 & 4 customers are more likely to be satisfied and find ATP useful.
  • Likeliness to recommend ATP is high.
  • Satisfaction and likeliness to recommend is affected by use of services.
  • Sales representatives get high marks from respondents.
  • Incidence of service-related concerns is low and solely due to Smartrip ticket media issues.

Transportation Services:

  • Transportation affects Employers in retention, recruitment, and customer relations.
  • Transportation affects Property Managers in attracting and retaining tenants.
  • Employers provide transportation benefits to increase/maintain employee morale.
  • Property Managers provide benefits to attract and retain tenants.
  • Many Employers do not currently, but would be willing to offer Ridematching or Guaranteed Ride Home.
  • Many Property Managers would consider offering ticket media for sale or transit information.

Contact and Sales:

  • Human Resources is the first place to contact when targeting a new company for services, but other stakeholders should not be ignored.
  • Property owners are a good target for residential services in addition to the property managers.
  • Communication is important to both Employers and Property Managers, but Property Managers are more likely to want more contact from ATP.
  • The ATP client database should be addressed with further emphasis on acquiring more client contact email addresses.
  • More than 45% of respondents are interested in CommuterDirect.com but only around 10% currently use it.
  • Current customers are not completely saturated with ATP products, and those more familiar with ATP are more satisfied.
  • Before lowering sales quotas, reconnect with current customers and offer them more services.
  • 4 in 10 Employers and 7 in 10 Property Managers would not have implemented services without assistance!


  • Mode of Data Collection – 15-minute Online Research Survey (Letter sent to 770 clients signed by Dennis Leach, follow up phone calls and emails; $10 Gourmet Coffee Card incentive)
  • Completed Surveys – 147 Clients: 104 Employers, 43 Property Managers.  Level Breakdown (levels are assigned by ATP depending on the amount/type of services received):14 Level 1, 29 Level 2, 79 Level 3, 25 Level 4
  • Survey Population – 770 total clients, 510 with valid contact information
  • Survey Instrument – Online
  • Criteria for Participation – Invitation


Full Presentation (PDF):  2007 ATP Client STUDY PRESENTATION

Technical Summary (PDF):  Summary – 2007 ATP Client STUDY

Survey Questionnaire (PDF):  2007 ATP Client Study QUESTIONNAIRE

Data Tables (PDF):  2007 ATP Client Study DATA TABLES


Contact the ACCS Research Team for more information.


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