Month: February 2012

Arlington Bikeshare Transit Development Plan (TDP)

Bikeshare TDP Updates and Progress Reports These updates summarize Arlington County’s progress in implementing the recommendations of the TDP, provide a financial projection based on the system’s financial performance to-date, outline anticipated capital needs, and identifies future system improvements. See more at BikeArlington For information about Arlington County’s comprehensive Transit Development Plan, visit the Arlington… Read more »

Arlington County Planning Research and Analysis Team

The Arlington County Planning Research and Analysis Team (PRAT) is responsible for maintaining, analyzing, and disseminating information related to planning in Arlington County. Among other research, PRAT develops and maintains official County employment and population forecast to better inform long-range planning and transportation decisions. PRAT seeks to use demographic and transportation research findings to better… Read more »

2005 Arlington Pilot Carshare Program First-Year Report

In March 2004, the Arlington County Commuter Services (ACCS) unit of the Department of Environmental Services partnered with the two carshare companies —Flexcar and Zipcar—to provide expanded carshare services and promotions called the Arlington Pilot Carshare Program. This report documents the success of the program, and makes the case for replicating the program in other Arlington… Read more »