Month: July 2012

“Riding Alone” is a Hard Habit to Break, But Well Worth Trying

“When you ride alone, you ride with Hitler!” It was the tagline on a provocative government-backed poster that kicked off the history of a profession that is focused on getting people out of the habit of driving alone and showing that there are better, healthier, and more efficient and fun options. World War II, in… Read more »

Olympic Flame Will Hopefully Burn Calories From UK’s Obesity Rate

The 2012 Summer Olympics is a great opportunity to educate the world on the dangers of obesity. The host country England, along with the U.S., are two of the most obese nations in the world. They are also, interestingly, both pretty low on the “active transportation” scale, as highlighted in this chart. In London’s sprawling… Read more »

Federal Transportation Bill Funds at Static 80/20 Highway/Transit Split

I’ve been reading a lot about the recent passage of the federal transportation bill. The more and more I read, the more amazed I am at how little we spend to maintain, repair, and replace our country’s aging and outdated infrastructure. The best layman’s break-down of funding I’ve found comes from Dan Malouff, a planner… Read more »

Want Your Employees to Stay Healthier? Invest in Showers and Bike Parking

Employees in the Washington D.C. region are more likely to bicycle to work if they have access to showers and bike parking, according to a new article in the journal Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment. Seems logical to me. One of the best parts about bicycling, especially on these unbearably hot Washington D.C…. Read more »

Employers Will Need to Shift Job Opportunities as Suburb Demographics Change

Transportation is a fundamental requirement of human life. That’s why a new report about “the suburbanization of jobs” from the Brookings Institution is so disheartening. It finds that “the typical job is accessible to only about 27 percent of its metropolitan workforce by transit in 90 minutes or less. The suburbanization of jobs obstructs transit’s… Read more »

Telework Series Part 4: Earn an Extra $8,000 Per Year!

This is the last in a four-part series about the state of telework. The previous installments are here, here, and here. This part looks at the various signs of hope for telework’s future. The series is based on my interview with Chuck Wilsker, who is a member of The Mobility Collaborative, consisting of some of… Read more »

Mobility Celebrities: The Dark Knight Rides Again

In honor of tomorrow’s opening of The Dark Knight Rises, the summer’s biggest movie blockbuster opening, here we have Batman and pals biking to save the world. Good to see they’ve realized that biking through traffic can often be a huge time-saver! And below is another great Batman-on-a-bike rendering courtesy of the Mike Joos Mountain… Read more »

Telework Series Part 3: Gas Prices Are No Longer an Issue

This is the third in a four-part series about the state of telework. Parts 1 and 2 are here and here. This part looks at how telework relates to gas prices, and the final part will examine various signs of hope for telework’s future. The series is based on my interview with Chuck Wilsker, who… Read more »