2012 The Commuter Store® Study

The Commuter Stores® are a key component of Arlington County Commuter Services’ success. As the results of the 2012 Commuter Store® Study show, the stores help to shift travelers from driving alone to other travel modes.

The goal of this study was to profile customers at the store, identify how people find out about the store and why they visit, measure satisfaction and customer service levels, find opportunities for improvement and examine the impact of the stores on travel behaviors.

The Commuter Store® Customers Get What They Are Looking For 

The Commuter Store® is providing customers with the experience and services they want. As would be expected, a large portion of people (81%) go to the stores to purchase tickets. Customers also visit the stores to get information or pick up schedules.

While visiting the store, 86% made a purchase and 38% picked up free information. Everyone who asked was able to get the assistance and information he or she needed. VRE passes, SmarTrip cards, Metro fares and MARC tickets are the most common items purchased. The Commuter Store® customers are loyal with 83% saying they are certain to return.

Customer’s Love The Commuter Store® Experience 

Customers are very happy with the service they receive at The Commuter Store® with 84% giving a high customer experience rating. The stores received high ratings on all aspects of the store experience including convenience of location, sound and light levels, finding your way around the store and store hours. The store staff also received high ratings for professionalism, knowledge about products and services and helpfulness.

The Commuter Store® Makes an Impact

Overall, 54% of respondents say they made a change to how they get around the Washington, DC metro area since they began using The Commuter Stores®. Many people say they started riding the train or bus, or changed to some mode other than driving – this means less air pollution, fewer vehicles on the road and a better place to live, work and play.

Looking specifically at commuters, 43% report they made a change in how they travel to work. Of these people, 40% switched from driving alone to another mode, and 36% say The Commuter Store® helped them make these changes. These changes mean fewer people driving alone to work, which equates to less congestion and fewer delays.




  • Mode of Data Collection: Store intercepts
    • 7 question intercept survey
    • A follow-up online survey with the option to complete it in store or at another location
    • Respondents were offered a $5 Gourmet Coffee Card for completing the online survey
  • Completed Surveys: 568 intercept surveys / 284 online surveys
    • Ballston – 146 intercept surveys / 73 online surveys
    • Crystal City – 227 intercept surveys / 122 online surveys
    • Rosslyn – 91 intercept surveys / 27 online surveys
    • Shirlington – 37 intercept surveys / 11 online surveys
    • Mobile – 67 intercept surveys / 51 online surveys
  • Survey Population: Visitors to the five The Commuter Store® locations between 4/24/2012 and 5/1/2012
  • Survey Instrument: Tablet intercept questionnaire and online questionnaire
  • Criteria for Participation: The Commuter Store® customer


Full Presentation (PDF): 2012 Commuter Store Study Full Presentation

10 Key Findings Presentation (PDF): 2012 Commuter Store Study Key Findings

10 Key Findings Fact Sheet (PDF):  2012 Commuter Store Key Findings Fact Sheet

Technical Summary (PDF): 2012 Commuter Stores Study Technical Summary

Survey Questionnaire  – Intercept (PDF): 2012 Commuter Store Study Intercept Questionnaire

Survey Questionnaire – Follow Up (PDF): 2012 Commuter Store Study Follow Up Questionnaire

Data Tables (PDF): 2012 Commuter Store Study Data Tables

Contact the ACCS Research Team for more information.

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