Month: November 2012

Traffic Pollution Tied to Autism Risk – Reuters

At Arlington Transportation Partners, my colleagues and I are constantly out talking to employers in the county about all the benefits associated with getting their employees to commute to work in ways that don’t involve driving alone. One of the key factors that often changes a person’s mind about how to get to work is… Read more »

Planners Tackle Traffic Congestion to Fort Meade – WAMU 88.5

Planners are looking for ways to improve the commute for the more than 56,000 people who currently work at Fort Meade in central Maryland. A top transportation planner at Fort Meade says there are a couple possible strategies to consider to reduce regional traffic congestion. One would be to build major highways at an estimated cost… Read more »

Census Figures Show Transit Use Up in Washington Region – PlanItMetro

Transit commuters in the Washington D.C. region are growing in rapid numbers. According to new figures recently posted at PlanItMetro, the blog of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), transit’s share of commuters rose from 14.6 percent of commuters in 2000 to 19.4 percent in 2011. In Arlington County, Virginia – just across the… Read more »

Fiscal Cliff Presents Gas Tax and High-Speed Rail Mysteries

The much-discussed “fiscal cliff” approaching on December 31 will be no less a danger point for transportation as it could be for healthcare, education, and many other crucial societal issues. Probably the two most high-profile transportation issues on the line are a gas-tax to support infrastructure improvements and high-speed rail. Gas tax Historically the gas… Read more »

How the Best Bikeshare in the Country Does Business

The first plan of its kind for bikesharing in the United States has just been published. It is a comprehensive 6-year plan for Capital Bikeshare in Arlington County, Virginia. Arlington County Capital Bikeshare Transit Development Plan 2013 to 2018 It took more than a year to finalize the report because we wanted extensive public input… Read more »

A Strategy for Central Maryland’s Increasing Crush of Traffic

At 2.5 million strong, Central Maryland’s workforce and its employers provide a hotbed of innovation and commitment. But to sustain its competitive position, the region must urgently address long-overdue transportation needs. Take the example of Fort Meade, which houses more than 90 government- and military-related tenants and is also our state’s largest employer. Fort Meade… Read more »

Take a Quiz and Save Money With Your LEED Building

Did you know that the District of Columbia is the nation’s leader in LEED-certified commercial and institutional buildings per capita? LEED is a suite of ratings systems for the design and operation of high-performance green buildings, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. In 2011, our city had more than 31 square feet of LEED-certified space per person. This… Read more »

Home Values Higher in Bikable Neighborhoods – League of American Bicyclists

There have been many good recent studies lately on how bikable, walkable areas create “activity centers” that improve real-estate values. And it is worth remembering that those values are increased not just for commercial properties but also for homes. At the back of a new report called Bicycling Means Business by the League of American… Read more »

Hack Day Resulting in Transit-Screen Excitement

Local transit lovers created their own transit screens at Mobility Lab’s Hack Day this past Saturday. You might have noticed these screens if you’ve been to Java Shack in Arlington or the Red Palace bar in D.C. The real-time displays show custom web pages on Mobility Lab’s website. In order to encourage more places to… Read more »