Top 10 Mobility Lab Stories of 2013

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We go in a lot of directions at Mobility Lab. But – in a world with a booming population, ever-dirtier air from traffic pollution, and idealists who simply want to spend their time any other way but in traffic jams – we always bring it back to the concept of “moving people – not cars.”

Within that topic area, there are three items we specialize in that never fail to get our audience excited:

2013 was no different. Here is a look back at our top 10 stories (based on website traffic) here at

10. Strategies Detailed to Remedy DC’s Affordable-Housing Crisis –  Our prolific contributor and Senior Urban Planner Paul Goddin tackled the critical issue of how vibrant, walkable communities must consider ways that don’t leave behind promotion of affordable housing.

9. Heavy Use of Montreal Bixi Bikesharing System Displayed with New Open-Data Map – The masterful artistry of our senior tech advisor, Michael Schade, is all over this list. Our audience took notice when he updated his Trip Visualizer with Montreal’s newly opened data for its Bixi bikeshare system. Schade said, “One thing all bikesharing systems have in common is they all look beautiful when viewed on a map.”

8. Capital Bikeshare Hackers Pedal Their Wares at Mobility Lab – Just a month ago, Schade formed a new group called the Transportation Techies for programmers in the Washington D.C. region who love playing with transportation data.The first session focused on Capital Bikeshare. Tonight’s over-capacity round two will be about Metro.

7. Residential Building Transportation Performance Monitoring Study – Our report, released in October, provided information about travel and parking behaviors in residential buildings where transportation demand management services are provided by Arlington County Commuter Services. One key finding of the study, as pointed out by the Washington Business Journal, is that “parking garages [in Arlington] included with many new buildings are sitting mostly empty much of the time.”

6. Boston and Minneapolis-Saint Paul Maps Show Bikeshare’s Transportation Impact – Another installment of new data incorporated into Schade’s Trip Visualizer, this time for bikeshare systems in Boston (Hubway) and Minneapolis-Saint Paul (Nice Ride).

5. 7 Disadvantages to Telecommuting – No doubt aided by CEO Marissa Mayer’s news-making announcement that teleworking was now off the table for her Yahoo employees, this article we posted in October 2012 continues to get lots of visits at our site.

4. Neighborhood Clusters Added to Updated Capital Bikeshare Trip Visualizer – Schade updated his popular CaBi Trip Visualizer (see #3 next on this list) with new information about how hyper-local communities within the D.C. region are using the bikeshare system. For example, Schade explained, “It’s interesting to see Capitol Hill emerge as a network that’s separate from the one that spans Dupont Circle and Shaw.”

3. A Closer Look at Bikeshare Data – Along with the tool itself, this article includes lots of great findings, such as: the average Capital Bikeshare ride is 1.2 miles.

2. LaHood: America’s Transportation Future is in Rail, Google Car, Mobility Labs – Paul Goddin (see #10) captured the essence of our October event keynoted by Former U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood nicely in this post. “These were bold predictions” by LaHood about the future of transportation in America, Goddin wrote.

1. Side-by-Side Router Compares Driving, Walking, Biking, and Transit – Named the “Map of the Week” by Google’s Geo Developers Blog back in January when it was released, Schade’s creation is not only cool, but very useful for getting around.

Honorable Mentions:

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