INFOGRAPHIC: Myth: Funding Public Transportation is Too Costly


[quote_right][feature_box title=”TDM TAKEAWAY” title_color=”fff” header_color=”369″]TDM deserves better than the “trickle down” funding it could receive through the transit increases in President Obama’s proposed budget.[/feature_box][/quote_right]President Obama has released his proposed budget, which includes $478 billion over six years for infrastructure, including a much-needed 75 percent increase in transit spending.

State DOTs would also be given incentives to expand bicycling and walking options, TIGER grant funding would be increased, and bridges would have some added money for repairs.

If the budget somehow makes it through Congress, the most worrying aspect could be that the added money may be foolishly spent by still-highway-obsessed state DOTs. Also a little confounding: much of the funding would come from nothing having to do with transportation – a one-time tax on foreign corporate earnings.

And, while it’s good that some of this money may “trickle down” to transportation demand management, the reality is that TDM is not in the budget and still has a long way to go to get the funding and policy respect it deserves.

Please share our latest infographic far and wide. We hope it helps more influencers to understand how important TDM is to the mix.

Infographic by Lorene Kluge of DS&MG.

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Heather Allen

This is nothing new but it does not mean that it is any less important – what would be good would be if there was a ‘slice for sustainability'(SFS) in the bill and for any $ put towards a highway 1 cent would be put towards getting people ‘off highways’ – now THAT makes cents to me!



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