Paul Mackie

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Paul is Communications Director at Mobility Lab. For the eight years prior to joining Mobility Lab, he was Climate Change Communications Director at The Nature Conservancy and Director of Media Relations at the World Resources Institute, where he worked on better transportation options as part of the Institute’s EMBARQ work.

He has also been a daily newspaper journalist at various outlets in the St. Louis area; a freelancer for the Chicago Tribune, National Geographic, and other media organizations; and a writer at the National Association of Counties. Paul obtained his master’s degree in media studies and political science from Georgetown University and his bachelor’s in English literature and journalism from Southern Illinois University.

He enjoys writing at his personal blog Pop Culture Lunch Box, tennis and other sports, playing and listening to music, and traveling with his wife Rachel, son Jackson, and daughter Zoey. His first car was a Chevy Chevette. Now he bikes 8.5 miles to work. And his bike is a lot nicer than the Chevette.

Carsharing Growing Around the World with More User-Friendly Options

Carsharing, which is projected in a new report to grow globally by about sixfold by 2024, is beginning to look like a reliable transportation option in places like the Washington D.C. region and beyond. “The U.S. has fewer cities than Europe with comprehensive public transit services, which is usually – but not always – a […]

Mobility Lab Express #70 – September 15, 2015

It’s truly fascinating these days to see so many cities and companies racing to improve the transportation choices increasingly available to all of us.It seems there’s a “first” each and every week. Indianapolis has just committed $6 million to BlueIndy (alongside $41 million from a French carsharing company and $3 million from Indianapolis Power and Light […]

Bicycling in Cleveland is Easy, Fun, and Something Everyone Should Try

What do General Motors, Samsung, and Duke and Ohio State universities all have in common? They have each launched bikeshare systems in the past year brought to them by Zagster, a private, venture-funded startup that launched as CityRyde back in 2007 in Philadelphia. Visiting Cleveland, Ohio this week for the Content Marketing World conference, I […]

Mobility Lab Express #69 – September 1, 2015

UberPool. Lyft Line. Bridj. Sidecar. Carma. Split. Social Bicycles. Vectus. RideAmigos. car2go. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Mobility Lab Express #69 – September 1, 2015

Walking, the Oldest Form of Public Transportation, Goes High Tech

For finding out what’s hot in the world of “people tracking,” Walk Hack Night at Mobility Lab on Thursday was the place to be. Co-sponsored by WalkArlington, the event featured a handful of innovators speaking to a standing-room-only crowd of about 80 members of the Transportation Techies group in rapid-fire presentations on why knowing more […]

Mobility Lab Express #68 – August 15, 2015

Even in the doldrums of summer here in Arlington, Virginia, where Mobility Lab is based, there is still cool stuff going on with our Transportation Techies. Just a year-and-a-half old, the quickly expanding group has mostly met in Arlington and next-door Washington D.C., but it recently took its first journey to Baltimore. It’s a safe […]

Rebranding “TDM” Could Fix the Industry’s Communications Struggle

Would a common definition of the term and practice of transportation demand management help the industry find other funding sources, do better lobbying for policies, and gain wider acceptance and popularity? And, as we at Mobility Lab constantly ponder internally, is the user-unfriendly term TDM keeping us from reaching these goals as well? Kirk Hovenkotter, […]

Mobility Lab Express #67 – August 1, 2015

We at Mobility Lab have been working overtime at this past week’s annual Association for Commuter Transportation conference, as we continue to push diverse traveling options to cure so many of society’s transportation, health, and environmental woes. Look for several articles at our website in the coming weeks about the great work we learned that others in […]

Mobility Lab Express #66 – July 15, 2015

This is the time of year when we at Mobility Lab start to get excited for the annual Association for Commuter Transportation conference. This year, it’s in Baltimore from July 26-29, and it’s a key marker for moving the transportation-management industry in the much-needed directions of more funding, policy, and prestige. We’re speaking on a […]

Mobility Lab Express #65 – July 1, 2015

This issue of Mobility Lab Express arrives in your inbox with a new look. By making the news we bring you here more mobile friendly (since research tells us 65 percent of you are reading this on a smart phone), we hope you’ll be intrigued enough to click on links and join the longer conversations […]