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Is dockless bikeshare about to become the biggest trend in mobility? – The Market Urbanism Report

According to NACTO figures, bikeshare rides per day went from a third of a million in 2010 to 28 million for 2016 – a nearly 100x increase. For the last two years, bikeshare has been growing at about 25 percent annually. Sounds like a lot, until you realize that Americans take some 400 *billion* trips… Read more »

The not-so-secret trick to cutting solo car commutes: Charge for parking by the day – Seattle Times

Back in 2008, when the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation applied for permits for a new headquarters, the city of Seattle required that it not offer free parking and that it reduce the number of employees who drove alone to work. At the time, nearly 90 percent of Gates Foundation employees drove alone. A year… Read more »

Survey says: Millennials favor more transit, less on-street parking – ARLnow

For some reason, we’re always amazed at how smart people about transportation issues in our home base of Arlington, Va. More proof? A county-run survey was recently released that finds Millennials (of which there are a lot in Arlington) really want primo transit. Check out some of the key findings. The findings come from the county’s Engage Arlington website,… Read more »

We can, and should, share the trails with e-bike cyclists – TheWashCycle

Electric bicycles are truly starting to catch on. Did you see the latest issue of Bicycling Magazine? There is a special, 23-page section on e-bikes. These vehicles hold great promise as a gateway from getting out of drive-alone car trips into a more sustainable, all-around-better mode of transportation. This WashCycle article is a response to… Read more »

With not enough parking spaces, Columbus is buying employees transit passes – CityLab

Not only did Columbus, Ohio win the USDOT’s recent Smart Cities Challenge, but now it’s got one of the best ideas we’ve seen recently. There’s “a surge of redevelopment downtown, but office rents are tumbling and vacancy rates are on the up. The problem, business leaders say: Lack of parking.” But instead of trying to waste… Read more »

Fleet tech from Uber to AVs needs TDM – Blog das Locadoras (Brazil)

Fleet doesn’t get the splashy headlines, but what fleets do, merely, is move people and goods across this planet, facilitating billions in revenues for the industries they serve. As cities cope with urban population growth, they’re forming transportation management associations (TMAs), and their first points of contact are the businesses running vehicles in those cities. How… Read more »

The slow death of urban parking – CBC News (Canada)

Influential Canadian journalist (and former forest firefighter and ranger in Canada’s High Arctic islands!) discusses Mobility Lab’s recent parking video and offers several examples of places that are dropping the parking requirements that have for so long made many places less people-friendly. Build it and they will come is a business mantra. It encourages entrepreneurs… Read more »

Waiting for the bus is about to get less bad – WIRED

Overall, research finds real-time transit information makes riders happier and can actually grow ridership, perhaps up to 2 percent. For struggling transit agencies, that can be hundreds of thousands of rides per year—no piddling number. But getting that real-time info into Google Maps and where riders can see it is no simple task, particularly for small agencies suffering… Read more »

Biking and shared rides absorb Metro Safetrack spillover – Deloitte

Metro’s usual 700,000 riders per weekday dropped 11 percent this year due partly to Safetrack disruptions. Now Deloitte has dug into the numbers and it’s encouraging to find that not everyone who left D.C.’s Metro during its year-long subways fix-it project replaced those trips by driving alone more. A recent report by Deloitte’s Center for Government Insights… Read more »