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Dockless bikeshare companies race to Washington DC – Washington Post

Dockless bikeshare arrives in D.C. today and it should prove to be a really interesting experiment over the next six months. D.C. is one of the few places in the U.S. seeing increases in bike commuting, but for it to work, a certain level of good behavior will be necessary. Riders should be conscious of… Read more »

A good explanation of what that “driverless” car was doing in Arlington, Va. – TechCrunch

There was recently a wacky story in the news about pedestrians and others in Arlington spotting a driverless car roaming the streets. Turns out, it wasn’t truly driverless. There was a person hidden in the driver’s seat and it was not a trick, but part of an experiment being run by Virginia Tech Transportation Institute… Read more »

New Charleston DOT chief is just what the doctor orders for public transportation – Streetsblog

Keith Benjamin, the new transportation chief in Charleston, S.C., says some excellent things in this interview. Including: “First, I don’t believe in placing transportation in a box on its own. Instead of articulating transportation as an end in itself, we should ask what role does it play in community-building as a strategic tool. Transportation is… Read more »

Many in Houston don’t know they have a transit system – CityLab

Some reporting by CityLab on the dire situation in Houston illuminates why TDM is so important. Many people in the country’s fourth-largest city don’t even know that there’s a mass-transit system. With as many as 1 million cars destroyed by Hurricane Harvey, there now, more than ever, needs to be some dramatic efforts to educate… Read more »

Ford and Domino’s use self-driving cars to deliver pizza in Ann Arbor – WIRED

Some people love self-checkout lanes at the grocery store. And for the next few weeks in Ann Arbor, Mich., those same kinds of people will likely love that Domino’s will deliver pizzas in a Ford driverless vehicle. It’s a really clever way these two companies are marketing themselves while at the same time beginning the… Read more »

Are state DOTs finally getting creative with social media? – Talking Transportation

After years of tepid adoption of creative social-media use by transit agencies, a new report from AASHTO shows an impressive “wide-scale adoption of an entire suite of social-media tools by state transportation departments. And while traffic information is still a large reason for why states have invested in social media strategies, it no longer is… Read more »

Apple said to be prepping self-driving employee shuttle service – TechCrunch

We’ve come down pretty hard on Apple in the past for building its spaceship headquarters in about the least-transit-friendly place possible. But what the company may be planning with fleets of autonomous vehicles may put the company back in our good graces. And it just may be the way AVs have to be introduced to the public… Read more »

Why wasn’t traffic too bad for Eclipse-goers? Maybe people stay off the roads during big events – CityLab

“The worst traffic jam in U.S. history.” That was how the Washington Post predicted the state of roadways in the Path of Totality on Eclipse Day 2017. But as of Sunday night and Monday morning, some of the busiest hubs were feeling the opposite. What gives? As with so many much-hyped mega-disruptions (like LA’s 1984 Olympics, or… Read more »

The suburbs don’t have to be car-dependent anymore – Texas Monthly

We recently reported on the good transportation thinking happening in the Dallas suburb of Plano. And now this month, the city is launching a transportation management association which will work with businesses in the Legacy West development on transportation issues. “Almost 80 percent of the work is educating all of the workers in an area” about transportation… Read more »

This school year, let’s teach kids to think critically about their city – Greater Greater Washington

Jeff Bunting is an educator in Arlington, Va., with an interest in transportation and urban planning. He writes: With the new school year soon to start, it’s a good time to consider how we are, or aren’t, teaching our students to think critically about their city. I teach high schoolers in Northern Virginia, and listening… Read more »