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Walking, the oldest form of transportation, goes high tech

For finding out what’s hot in the world of “people tracking,” Walk Hack Night at Mobility Lab on Thursday was the place to be. Co-sponsored by WalkArlington, the event featured a handful of innovators speaking to a standing-room-only crowd of about 80 members of the Transportation Techies group in rapid-fire presentations on why knowing more… Read more »

Flying Cars Instead of Bikes? Let’s Talk Real Solutions. Now.

I really enjoyed this week’s “Fix My Commute,” the inaugural forum in the Washington Post’s America Answers series. It was a first-class event that brought together a fascinating array of national experts and progressive mayors focused on solving the problems of increasing traffic congestion. And while it was acknowledged again and again that our infrastructure… Read more »

Older Pedestrians Stand to Benefit from Many Recent “Safe Street and Sidewalk” Measures

Once drivers hang up the keys, how do they get around? Not surprisingly, the most popular means of travel for former drivers is to slide over to the passenger seat. However, what may surprise you is what comes in second. The AARP Public Policy Institute has found that walking is second to private vehicle travel… Read more »

Federal Transportation Bill Funds at Static 80/20 Highway/Transit Split

I’ve been reading a lot about the recent passage of the federal transportation bill. The more and more I read, the more amazed I am at how little we spend to maintain, repair, and replace our country’s aging and outdated infrastructure. The best layman’s break-down of funding I’ve found comes from Dan Malouff, a planner… Read more »

2007 State of the Commute – Arlington Study

This study analyzed data collected in two commuter surveys: one undertaken by the Commuter Connections program of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG) for the metropolitan Washington, D.C. region, including five Northern Virginia jurisdictions; and the other by the Department of Rail and Public Transportation of the Commonwealth of Virginia for the rest of Virginia…. Read more »

2004 MetroDC State of the Commute Study – Arlington

This study analyzed data collected in two regional commuter surveys undertaken in the Washington DC metropolitan region by Commuter Connections.  The first survey was conducted in 2001 and the second in 2004. The study analyzed data for respondents who lived in Arlington County and those who worked in Arlington County and compared these results to… Read more »