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New App Connects Coworkers to Ride Together

Commuters who regularly endure traffic jams and long travel times to work sometimes consider carpooling as an alternative, but it’s not always simple to find people to share a ride. A new app called Ride aims to change all that. Launched in April, Ride hopes to connect coworkers who have similar routes to work – reducing… Read more »

How to Build an Active-Transportation Plan at Your Workplace

Employees looking to make a business case to their bosses for better workplace amenities for biking, walking, and taking public would have found a recent goDCgo event helpful. “If this is not a priority for senior management and Human Resources, make a business case, tie it to the bottom line, and prove your case. The… Read more »

2012 Arlington Business Leaders Study

The 2012 Business Leaders Study set out to assess the importance of the county’s transportation network as a component of the overall business environment, find out how well that system is serving the business community, and identify areas for improvement. Through a survey and focus groups, we asked executives, human-resource professionals, and developers to tell… Read more »

2013 Will be the Year of Streamlining Our Business Lives – Forbes

How quickly will the workplace evolve in 2013? Brett Caine, a vice president at Citrix Online Services, has written a fascinating article at Forbes, and many of his trends portend good things for reducing our solo-driving footprints for getting to our jobs. By embracing technology, Caine envisions that businesses increasingly will offer work-at-home options to… Read more »

2011-2012 Capital Bikeshare Member Survey

Presented here are some of the results of the Capital Bikeshare Customer Use and Satisfaction Survey conducted for the Capital Bikeshare program in late 2011 and released in June 2012. Capital Bikeshare, a program jointly owned and sponsored by the District of Columbia and Arlington County, VA and operated by Alta Bicycle Share, Inc., offers… Read more »

2008 ACCS CommuterDirect Corporate Study

As outlined in the 2006-2008 ACCS Program Research and Evaluation Plan, the purpose of the study are to assess the performance and impact of, to help refine and improve the overall program, and to establish benchmarks from which future performance gains can be made. KEY FINDINGS While the number of total respondents represents… Read more »

2009 Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP) Solutions Newsletter Assessment Study

As outlined in the ACCS Program Research and Evaluation Plan, the purpose of this study is to assess the effectiveness of, and solicit ideas for potential improvements to Arlington Transportation Partners’ (ATP) newsletter – Solutions – that is distributed four times a year. KEY FINDINGS ATP Awareness: 80% knew who published Solutions without prompting (unaided… Read more »

Let Employers Advance the Cause — Implement Employer-based Programs

What We Know: Employer involvement increases participation in commute alternatives. According to the 2006 Arlington County Resident Study, 31% say their employer offers commute assistance services and/or benefits. Prior studies show even higher percentages. The most common offering is transit subsidies. Among the residents who did not have access to transit subsidies, 36% said they would… Read more »

2007 Arlington County Business Leaders Study

The purpose of this study is to assess the importance and impact of the transportation system and transportation support services in making Arlington County an attractive business location, to identify opportunities for enhancing impact of transportation support services, and to establish benchmarks against which performance gains can be measured. KEY FINDINGS Rating of Arlington County… Read more »

2005 Development Related Ridership Study

This report is an update to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s (WMATA) sixteen-year old development related ridership study – a study of the travel behavior of persons going to and from office, residential, hotel, and retail sites near Metrorail stations. This effort seeks to determine if modal splits for land uses have changed over… Read more »