2008 ACCS CommuterDirect Corporate Study

As outlined in the 2006-2008 ACCS Program Research and Evaluation Plan, the purpose of the study are to assess the performance and impact of CommuterDirect.com, to help refine and improve the overall CommuterDirect.com program, and to establish benchmarks from which future performance gains can be made.


While the number of total respondents represents 55% of the CommuterDirect.com corporate client population, the sample size, in proportion to the total universe, is still too small to project to the universe with statistical certainty. This understood, the data and related interpretations presented in this deck should be viewed as directional.

Transit Benefits:

  • CommuterDirect.com clients offer an array of TDM services, including flextime (52%), informal Teleworking (43%), and bike lockers and racks (41%). They are less likely than respondents from other studies (i.e. ATP Client Study, Arlington Business Leader Study) to offer Transit Schedules.
  • Most indicated that they have adequate parking, but transit benefits are still offered.
  • The reason benefits are offered are mainly to improve morale (82%), but also to ease traffic (48%), because employees asked for it (43%), and due to environmental concerns (41%).

Use of CommuterDirect:

  • Many use CommuterDirect.com and other third-party benefits administrators because they are easy to use and clients don’t want the hassle of administering benefits in house.
  • The majority (84%) of the respondents only use CommuterDirect.com for their transit purchases.
  • Reasons for choosing CommuterDirect.com include ease of use (59%) and ability to purchase multiple types of ticket media (55%).
  • 34% set up the CommuterDirect account themselves.
  • 36% figured out how to use the system on their own, 32% were taught by a colleague, but 27% had help with using their account from Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP) or CommuterDirect personnel. Those who had help rated it highly. When needing help with the system, half of the respondents go to a customer service rep.

CommuterDirect Operating Features and Performance:

  • 70% to 88% rate the Web site a 4 or 5 on a scale of 1 to 5 for these aspects: my account, services, my home, products, reports, and forms.
  • 89% of respondents are aware of the renewable order service. 82% of respondents use the service. Those who use the service rate it highly (95% gave it a 4 or 5 out of 5).
  • 61% have used the reporting feature part of the renewable order service. 81% of those who use it find the reports “user friendly.”
  • Overall, respondents are pleased with CommuterDirect fulfillment. 93% say the package is easily identifiable and 91% say that the contents match the order. 86% say the package arrives in a timely manner and 79% say the shipping/handling fees are reasonable.
  • 95% of respondents rate their overall experience with CommuterDirect.com a 4 or 5 on a scale of 1 to 5. No one rated it below a 3.
  • 91% to 96% rate customer service, accuracy of orders, responsiveness to needs, and enrollment of employees a 4 or 5 out of 5.
  • CommuterDirect Corporate earns a “Net Promoter Score” of 96% (The Net Promoter Score is the percentage of those likely or very likely to recommend minus the percentage somewhat or very unlikely to recommend). This is the highest score, to date, for an ACCS service. One in four say they have already recommended the service.

How to Grow CommuterDirect.com Corporate:

  • Other studies have shown that businesses that do not use the service would be interested in it. One suggestion many respondents had is to advertise more. Yet 50% did not know the name of the organization that operates CommuterDirect.com.
  • Growth will come out of increasing the amount of clients who use the renewable service, and adding new clients through referrals and targeted advertising.


  • Mode of Data Collection – 19-minute Telephone Research Survey (List of 80 current clients used for study conducted between 5/14/08 and 6/2/08; Clients contacted during business hours and offered; $15 Starbucks Card for their participation)
  • Completed Surveys – 44 respondents; 55% response rate
  • Survey Population – 80 current business customers of CommuterDirect.com
  • Survey Instrument – Telephone Survey
  • Criteria for Participation – Current CommuterDirect.com client


Full Presentation (PDF): 2008 ACCS CommuterDirect Corporate STUDY

Technical Summary (PDF): SUMMARY – 2008 ACCS CommuterDirect Corporate STUDY

Survey Questionnaire (PDF): 2008 ACCS CommuterDirect Corporate QUESTIONNAIRE

Data Tables (PDF): 2008 ACCS CommuterDirect Corporate DATA TABLES


Contact the ACCS Research Team for more information.


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