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How transit-oriented developments are transforming U.S. cities

Companies, way even more than usual, are moving to where the transit is. This article details many corporate moves and how some cities are approaching TOD.

Caterpillar recently announced plans to move its headquarters to the Chicago area after a near-100-year run in Peoria, IL. Even subtle moves tell a big story. Marriott Hotels is sticking with Bethesda, MD, as it begins to develop its new offices, but it will move to an area of town that promotes a walkable, connected environment for its employees.

The trend toward increased walkability and transit options is growing so much that train and bus stations themselves are getting major overhauls to keep pace with increased ridership. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is building a new bus complex in New York City, and train stations in major metros like Baltimore and Washington, DC, are preparing for major redevelopment.

TODs are driving transit development in many areas, but not just for the economic benefit; they also assist in building communities and giving people more options in connecting to other communities. “We’re on the precipice of change,” says Art Guzzetti, vice president of policy with the American Public Transportation Association.

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