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Adam Russell

Adam Russell

Adam is Mobility Lab's former managing editor.

Mobility Lab Express #109

Last month, the Association for Commuter Transportation gathered in Washington, D.C., for its 2017 Public Policy Summit, which showcased the changing policies of transportation demand management – covering everything from “mobility as a service” to the current state of the commuter tax benefit. ACT also launched its “25 x 20” campaign, which looks to encourage… Read more »

Station upgrades mean it’s now easier to get a Capital Bikeshare key right away in Arlington

Observant Capital Bikeshare riders in Arlington and Alexandria may have noticed some changes at a few stations in the past months. Older bikeshare station kiosks are gradually moving out to other stations, replaced with new ones that have the ability to dispense bikeshare keys. This week, new key-dispensing kiosks are coming to the bikeshare stations… Read more »

Disparity across D.C. region’s commute times a “serious equity problem”

An analysis from the Washington Post, with transit-mapping software provider Mapzen, highlights several severe disparities in the availability of reliable, frequent transit options for parts of the D.C. region. The animated map lays out shifting isochrones, or areas reachable within similar time frames, that reflect projected transit travel times during a given period of the day…. Read more »

Mobility Lab Express #108

Major transportation disruptions never fail to create predictions of “carrmageddon” when more commuters are forced onto fewer roads. But each case, like the latest and ongoing closure in Atlanta, offers an interesting study in how people react and ultimately avert gridlock. Many in Atlanta have taken to MARTA, which has stepped up service to accommodate… Read more »

A visualized day of New York’s transit options, working together

New York City is blessed with a lot of ways to get around town. From MTA buses to regional Metro-North rail lines to the omnipresent subway, the overall transportation system moves millions of people every day. A new visualization puts 24 hours of them together, showing how each works together in the broader context over… Read more »

Atlanta’s I-85 disruption shows importance of transit, flexibility of demand

Current estimates of Atlanta’s I-85 collapse give the freeway at least several months before it is repaired and re-opens. When the fire collapsed a section of the highway last Friday, a major route became closed for commuters. Like similar emergency disruptions in other major metropolitan areas, the situation is a clear glimpse into how people… Read more »

Mobility Lab Express #107

Research unveiled at South by Southwest last month (see below) serves as a reminder of the potential congestion-causing impacts and many other unknowns of autonomous vehicles. And while the new technologies may be intriguing, a Swedish transit ad reminds riders (and transportation advocates) that the true shared, electric, traffic-fighting mode is already here: buses. And… Read more »

Capital Bikeshare heat map visualizes 2016 rides, first look at Fairfax ridership

Earlier this month, Mobility Lab tech advisor Michael Schade shared a look at the latest Capital Bikeshare ridership data with his new heat map. Not only does the map grant an easy way to create a more detailed look at how individual neighborhoods use bikeshare, it also includes the first few months of ridership in… Read more »

Mobility Lab Express #106

South by Southwest is currently running in Austin, part of which is highlighting new technologies and businesses looking to make their mark on transportation options. Though the exact impacts of emerging technologies like autonomous vehicles are currently unknown, statements from automakers and other companies indicate broad moves to begin selling not just cars, but mobility options… Read more »