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Adam Russell

Adam Russell

Adam is Mobility Lab's managing editor.
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WMATA pilot brings Wi-Fi to six stations, ties connectivity to better transit info

On Monday, WMATA launched a 45-day pilot of public Wi-Fi in stations downtown. The program will cover Union Station, L’Enfant Plaza, Archives, Gallery Place, Judiciary Square, and Metro Center. While better wireless connectivity is always helpful for riders, it’s interesting that WMATA has chosen to integrate the pilot with real-time train arrival information. Upon signing… Read more »

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Car-centric data encourages car-centric transportation planning

We often discuss the role of data in the transportation industry, especially how advocates are using it and new technologies to improve non-drive-alone transportation options. But Joe Cortwright, over at City Observatory, recently made a key point about data: the vast majority of new technology-driven transportation data is focused on making it easier to drive. The movement towards the development… Read more »

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Recording biking comfort: Portland stress data, Biketown, and more

This is part two of our coverage of Transportation Techies: Portland edition. Read part one here. Portland, Ore., is known nationally as one of the country’s biking capitals, with more than 188 miles of bike lanes and one of the highest rates of bike commuting in the country. But even given its bikeway networks, “crossbikes,” and other… Read more »

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Mobility Lab Express #92 – Tour de Bike Infrastructure

We’ve returned from the Association for Commuter Transportation annual conference, fresh with inspiring stories of agencies and employers working across the U.S. to encourage more people to take transit, bike, walk, and carpool to work. Catch our first two write-ups below, and see Arlington Transportation Partners program director’s Wendy Duren’s blog post here for a… Read more »

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Portland’s open data leadership pays off with better transit information

Portland, known for its array of public transportation options, also has a special history with open transit data. The region’s TriMet agency, which runs Portland’s buses and MAX light rail, played an instrumental role in working with Google to develop and spread the General Transit Specification Feed transit data format 10 years ago. As Matthew Roth wrote on… Read more »

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BikeArlington leads transportation engineers on tour of bike infrastructure

Biking comfort conditions can often be a difficult concept to communicate through mere descriptions and photographs. A bike lane protected with posts and parking can feel vastly different than a simple street with sharrows, even though they both count as bicycling infrastructure. To help relate this to those charged with creating that infrastructure, BikeArlington recently… Read more »

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Mobility Lab Express #91 – Live from Portland

We are reporting live this week from beautiful Portland, Ore., as a media sponsor of the annual Association for Commuter Transportation conference. This is the perfect time to be here, and there’s a lot to be excited about. We’re looking forward to rides on the newly launched Biketown bikeshare system, with its flexible smart-bikes, with… Read more »

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Mobility Lab Express #90 – Base TDM

Cities and transit agencies can often learn a lot from their competitors when it comes to communicating non-driving modes. In last week’s episode of the transportation and urbanism podcast Talking Headways, Mobility Lab’s Paul Mackie spoke with host Jeff Wood about better ways to reach out to people about switching modes. Also, we would be… Read more »

A reality of driving not covered in car advertisements.

Communicating transportation options, on “Talking Headways” podcast

How can cities and transit agencies better reach out to commuters and guide them towards modes that aren’t driving alone? How is the transportation landscape changing to include a greater breadth of transportation options? Mobility Lab’s communications director Paul Mackie recently discussed these questions and more with host Jeff Wood on the transportation and urbanism podcast Talking Headways. Referencing a communications… Read more »

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Mobility Lab Express #89 – New look at bikeshare habits

Now wrapping up its second maintenance surge, SafeTrack is becoming more of the norm across the D.C. Metro as many people find alternate commutes to avoid crowds. In a recent episode of WAMU’s podcast Metropocalypse, Melissa McMahon of Arlington County Commuter Services spoke about these temporary shifts in commuting behavior, and what they mean for the region…. Read more »