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Adam Russell

Adam Russell

Adam is Mobility Lab's managing editor.
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Bikeshare safer than riding personal bikes, new research says

Anyone who’s ever ridden a bikeshare bike can tell you: they are hardy, aluminum tanks on two wheels. But does that translate to an inherently safer experience on the street, especially when many casual riders are likely unfamiliar with a city’s bike infrastructure? A recent study from the Mineta Transportation Institute determined that yes, bikeshare systems… Read more »

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Mobility Lab Express #82

Recent visitors to the Mobility Lab site may have noticed some changes in the past week: a cleaner look, new pages, and a better fit on mobile devices. We hope our new look will make it easier for visitors and newcomers to find articles and research relevant to their interests. Many of our sub-topics now… Read more »

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Mobility Lab Express #81 – Live from WMATA

Agencies that create opportunities for cooperation with stakeholders and riders stand to benefit from these learning experiences. That’s why it was heartening for Mobility Lab’s Transportation Techies group to hold its Metro Hack Night from within the WMATA headquarters in downtown Washington, D.C., where the agency announced it would begin releasing real-time data on where… Read more »

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Transportation Techies’ Metro Hack Night, from within WMATA HQ

Last night, members of the Transportation Techies group came together to share projects, visualizations, and apps relating to D.C.’s Metro system. The group’s fourth “Metro Hack Night” since Techies first began, it was the first to take place inside the WMATA headquarters in downtown Washington, D.C. A full write-up of the presentations will hit the… Read more »

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Mobility Lab Express #80 – Do You Still Need a Car?

With the growth of connected bike networks, ride-hailing companies, bikeshare, carsharing, and transit, are the costs of personal car ownership really worth it? The array of transportation options available in urban areas has expanded greatly from even a decade ago, offering a tempting alternative to decades-old car-centered status quo. Three years ago, planner and advocate Veronica… Read more »

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U.S. DOT “overwhelmed” by applications to its Smart City Challenge

Did your city throw its hat in the ring? The unveiling last December of a competition for $50 million toward connected transportation systems has sparked a flurry of activity from interested cities. The U.S. Department of Transportation announced yesterday that 77 cities in 35 states (including the District of Columbia) had submitted applications outlining their… Read more »


Watch: Governing the new transportation options

With federal support consistently failing to keep up with the changing landscape of shared-use and technology-based mobility options, what role can governments play in ensuring these systems address equity, access, and carbon pollution? Last fall’s Disrupting Mobility Summit in Cambridge, Mass., brought together a number of experts from within federal and local agencies to how these changes can… Read more »

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Video: What excites TransportationCampers?

TransportationCamps bring together so many different kinds of planners, advocates, engineers and enthusiasts. The most recent one, in the Washington, D.C., region, gave us a chance to check out all the exciting work that’s happening across the country in the transportation field. Take a look at our new video above, in which Mobility Lab’s Paul… Read more »

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Selling bike lanes: Lessons from Calgary’s ambitious biking network

Whether it’s grounded in monetary costs or perceived traffic impacts, new bicycling infrastructure often raises a heated debate. But in Calgary, Alberta, the stakes were higher than normal when the issue of protected bike lanes came up for a vote by the city council in 2014. The city had proposed not just one lane project… Read more »