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Adam Russell

Adam Russell

Adam is Mobility Lab's managing editor.

Mobility Lab Express #87 – TDM in action

Bike Month has come and gone, but not without a rousing, successful Bike to Work Day in the Washington, D.C., region. Nearly all bike counters registered more riders than in 2015, and overall the day represented a 250 percent increase in riders from an average weekday. This year, the event held an extra value, given… Read more »

Mobile ticketing bringing versatility, connections to transit systems

Transit agencies are increasingly viewing the smartphone as a path towards improving the ways people book and use tickets, changes that, in turn, boost ridership and provide more connecting options. In Rice University’s Urban Edge blog, Leah Binkovitz looks into how advances in mobile ticketing are beginning to create payment flexibility for transit systems, everywhere… Read more »

Transit delay measurements should reflect how waits affect riders

It matters how transit agencies measure their own performance, not only internally but also for their riders. These measurements help agencies form the basic understanding of how reliable their services are and help them identify what needs to be improved. In a post today, transit advocacy and research organization TransitCenter notes how New York’s MTA could change… Read more »

Mobility Lab Express #86 – SafeTrack and TDM

Following our video explanation of transportation demand management strategies last month, the Washington, D.C., region will soon see such policies brought to the forefront of the transportation discussion. The recently announced SafeTrack Metro repair program will disrupt the commutes of thousands of people, necessitating other options to step up and ease the travel. But as… Read more »

Fragmented bike networks don’t take people where they need to go

People are much more likely to ride on streets with bike lanes and other bike-friendly facilities, but these lanes and corridors must actually lead somewhere to be useful and protective. In a post on Seattle Bike Blog, the Seattle Neighborhood Greenways group draws this point in describing the current state of that city’s disjointed biking… Read more »

New bikeshare data standard opens doors for apps and analysis

After years of messy, inconsistent bikeshare data, a new standard has emerged to unite major systems. At the latest Transportation Techies meetup event, which focused on Capital Bikeshare projects, Motivate employee Daniel Gohlke presented the General Bikeshare Feed Specification, or GBFS, which will standardize bikeshare trip data for developers, researchers and enthusiasts.   @dgohlke: #GBFS… Read more »

What is TDM? Shaping a new era of transportation options

Here at Mobility Lab, we throw around the term “transportation demand management,” or “TDM” for short, as the core concept that unites our research and coverage. But the idea itself is one that is often not present in the widespread public understanding of and discussions about transportation and transit issues. Hence the purpose of our… Read more »

Mobility Lab Express #84 – Rethinking sidewalks

Cities, suburbs, and even rural areas are thinking creatively about what gets people out of driving alone to work, and into a shared ride or different mode. This week, Mobility Lab joined transportation demand management professionals from across the U.S. converged in Washington, D.C., for the Association for Commuter Transportation’s 2016 Policy Summit, which covered… Read more »

Bikeshare comparison map

Where did people ride Capital Bikeshare during the Metro shutdown?

The sudden Metrorail shutdown on March 16 took nearly everyone by surprise, and was a nearly unprecedented move by WMATA. While the decision disrupted the commutes of hundreds of thousands of commuters, it did provide agencies with an opportunity to observe how the other components of the D.C. region’s transportation system handled the new demand…. Read more »