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Adam Russell

Adam Russell

Adam is Mobility Lab's managing editor.

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Mobility Lab Express #78 – TransportationCampers Unite

This past weekend, the fifth annual TransportationCamp DC brought together planners, advocates, engineers and enthusiasts for a day packed with new ideas, innovative proposals, and exciting lessons. A record number of attendees proposed sessions covering everything from regulations on automated taxis to organized “armies” of transit advocates. For those who were not able to make it, sessions… Read more »

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Mobility Lab Express #77 – Year in Review

In 2015, our most popular articles ranged from wide commentary on the transportation industry to smaller, local initiatives expanding options in and around Arlington, Va. Many of our contributors sought to address some of the major unknowns that currently face the transportation industry, especially as demographic shifts bring more people to urban areas. What role… Read more »

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Mobility Lab Express #76 – December 15, 2015

On December 13, the twenty-first UN Conference of Parties concluded its talks in Paris with broad agreement from 196 signatory countries to lower carbon emissions and regularly report their national progress. But as Next City and other outlets have noted, a major part of this low-carbon movement will be led by urban areas, who can… Read more »

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In Arlington, lessons for simple bike wayfinding

Navigating by bike isn’t always as simple as following a bike trail to its end. Often, suggested bike routes may not be easily identified without a map, leaving bicyclists to guess at how to best navigate to their destinations. In Arlington, Virginia, an ongoing wayfinding project is working to make it easier to navigate the county’s irregular street grid… Read more »

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Mobility Lab Express #75 – December 1, 2015

Congress, for the first time in years, is in the final stretches of passing a multi-year transportation funding bill. While the bill marks an achievement for this session, in many ways, it continues a long-uninspiring path for transportation funding that is unlikely to provide the efficient transportation options and safe infrastructure needed for Americans. However,… Read more »

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Carsharing can open parking spaces to happier, healthier lives for all

Car ownership is an anchor on our choices and habits. It creates inertia against change. This is most obvious when we think of the ways in which owning a car requires physical public sacrifices that cities have accepted for decades: parking spaces at home and at destinations, space for roadways. The assumption that people will… Read more »


Mobility Lab Express #74 – November 15, 2015

After building and rebuilding our cities around cars and accepting the growing sacrifices in traffic, space, and public health, our transportation systems are ripe for change. Disruption is already happening through various ride-hailing companies and shared-use options, from Uber to bikeshare systems. This past week, Mobility Lab’s Paul Mackie was part of a panel at… Read more »


To Fill Empty Offices, Arlington Must Focus on Transportation Options

Resting on the status quo of existing transportation options is no longer a winning strategy for places that want to attract new businesses. Workers want to have transportation options at their fingertips, while developers are looking to locate in transportation hubs that will help attract both companies and their workers. As a report from Smart… Read more »


Mobility Lab Express #73 – November 1, 2015

It’s always exciting to see passionate advocates come together to share ideas and discuss making our cities better. Washington, D.C., just hosted the National Walking Summit, while the NACTO Designing Cities conference took place in Austin. Both addressed how we can design and plan walkable, livable communities with abundant transportation options. It doesn’t pay to… Read more »

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Washington Post Helps Trumpet How Open Data Improves Our Transit Options

Being able to boast online about your bikeshare mileage. A tracking app that saves transit agencies money. A way to catch the train to the baseball game at just the right time. Open transit data is driving people to think about how they can make systems better and more engaging. In a recent Washington Post… Read more »