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Brett Jones

Brett Jones

Brett, from Arlington Transportation Partners, works with employers to ensure mobility options.

ModeScore Rates Accessibility of Buildings to Multiple Transportation Options

A “transit premium” can increase property values by anywhere between a few percentage points up to more than 150 percent. As the business development manager of Developer Services at Arlington Transportation Partners, I spend a lot of time thinking about sustainable development, and how transportation access can improve building performance, sustainability and marketability. For my… Read more »

Real Estate Near Metro Stations Appears to Be Worth a Premium

My office is about three blocks away from the Rosslyn Metro in Arlington, Virginia. I walk uphill each morning. On most days, it is enough to work up a sweat. One day recently, it was enough to get me covered in fresh-falling snow. Would my job satisfaction increase if my office were closer to Metro?… Read more »

Revelations of a Part-Time Bike Commuter

This summer, my office is participating in the National Bike Challenge – competing with office teams throughout the country to see who can collectively log the most miles on a bike. Since moving to the region nearly 3 years ago, I have been an almost exclusive Metro commuter. But, wanting to be a good colleague and teammate,… Read more »

Travelers Move at the Pace of Life in Costa Rica

My girlfriend and I just returned from a trip to Costa Rica and, as a transportation professional navigating a foreign land, I couldn’t help but take notice of certain aspects of Costa Rican mobility. During our trip, we spent all of our time in small, mainly rural towns – a vast contrast to the bustling… Read more »

Arlington Leads the Way into a Walkable Future

I recently had the pleasure of attending a joint symposium, hosted by The George Washington University and The Urban Land Institute, about how the trend towards creating walkable urban places can impact real-estate development. I’m not a real-estate professional. I don’t even own a home. Yet, I still found the day incredibly fascinating. Several speakers noted that Arlington,… Read more »