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Hannah Budnitz

Hannah Budnitz

Hannah is a professional transport planner and an American immigrant in Britain. She blogs at

Report envisions possible paths transportation technologies may take us in next 20 years

A version of this post originally appeared on contributor Hannah Budnitz’s blog, As in the United States, how people will get around Great Britain in the near future is especially unclear given a number of emerging technologies. A recent report from RAND explored this uncertainty, offering three alternative visions of the future of mobility,… Read more »

Bikeshare in London

Bikeshare’s future looks great – If cities can address these key challenges

As 2016 rumbles on, the forecasts and fortune telling for the new year continues apace. In transportation, the headlines have mainly been won by the automobile of the future: driverless, electric, perhaps ownerless. I would like to put forward another candidate for transport form of the future: bikeshare, or as it’s known in the UK, cycle hire…. Read more »

When it comes to local solutions, the UK isn’t putting its transportation money where its mouth is

Once in every UK parliamentary term (currently fixed at five years), the chancellor of the exchequer, the UK finance minister, publishes a spending review. This is a weighty document detailing which taxes will rise and fall and what every department, from defense to welfare, will spend, to the best estimate, over the term. The latest… Read more »