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Juliellen Sarver

Juliellen Sarver

Juliellen is a senior planner with Simple Solutions Planning and Design. She telecommutes and rides her bike from her home in Richmond.

Exploring Beautiful Paris With Vélib’, a Fading Supermodel

(This is part five of our series, European Vacation – Project Bikeshare.) Ah, Paris. No other city quite conjures up romance, elegance, fashion, and … bikeshare? Vélib’ – the first major-city bikeshare system – opened in the City of Lights in 2007. It has been the bikeshare program to which all cities aspire, and yet – like… Read more »

Why Should Local Governments Care About Carsharing?

The “sharing economy” is growing at an astonishing rate in response to economic needs, technological innovation, and cultural changes across the globe. People are sharing things of value that are otherwise underutilized, and in the process building new networks and communities. Through the internet and mobile devices, companies now facilitate sharing your house, your skills… Read more »

Report: Why Should Local Governments Care About Carsharing?

A literature-review-based report that details the public benefits of carsharing and why local governments should care about these benefits. Arlington County’s Master Transportation Plan is used in this report as an example of a set of long-range transportation planning priorities, but many communities have similar documents full of transportation goals and objectives. The report focuses… Read more »

Bikeshare the Perfect Fit for Dijon Café Culture

(This is part four of our summer series, European Vacation – Project Bikeshare.) After three weeks of cycling through rural France, we find ourselves in the midst of not only fine wines, tranquil canals, and the famous mustard, but also Vélodi, the bikeshare program of the city of Dijon. With a population of 150,000 residents, Dijon… Read more »

Lyon: Off the Beaten Path With France’s Oldest Bikeshare System

The second stop in Mobility Lab’s European Vacation – Project Bikeshare is Lyon, located in southeast France not far from the tourist magnets of Provence and the Alps. The city and its surrounding region make it the second-largest city in France, and it is known for its high concentration of top chefs and also as… Read more »

London By Bikeshare is a Civilized Experience

With only a few days in London to kick off European Vacation – Project Bikeshare, my traveling companion and I took the opportunity to try out Barclay’s Cycle Hire. The blue stations seem to be just about everywhere, at least in the part of London where we are based. We’re seeing many people riding the… Read more »

New Blog Series Called “European Vacation – Project Bikeshare” Pulls Out of the Station

Bikeshare programs are fast becoming expected urban amenities in cities around the world – symbols of energetic and thriving urban places that attract smart and creative people. The use of bikeshare programs by commuters, residents, and workers is well-documented, such as right here on our own site and our close partnership with Capital Bikeshare. But… Read more »

Healthy Benefits are Another Reason to Invest in Capital Bikeshare

Capital Bikeshare is a mobility management strategy that results in improved health – and health cost savings – of riders. Health Implications of the Capital Bikeshare Program, a study by George Washington University students, identifies promising findings that could make a strong impact on bikeshare members and people in the Washington D.C. region in general…. Read more »

Arguments Against Non-Motorized Transport Development Beginning to Lose Steam

Why are the relatively modest costs of sidewalks, bicycle lanes and paths, and pedestrian improvements met with suspicion and hostility by the conventional auto-oriented transportation community? What are the true costs and the true benefits of these projects? Todd Litman of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute has provided many of these answers in his latest… Read more »