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Lori Cohen

Lori Cohen

Lori blogs about senior health and mobility for Mobility Lab.

How to Make a Busy Street Friendlier for Older Pedestrians

Those far from the Washington D.C. Beltway may easily forget that “The Federal City” is also called “home” by more than 600,000 residents. Of these, 11 percent are age 65+. And like other District dwellers, older adults often walk for short trips, errands, or more vigorous exercise. But as they age, the difficulties of navigating… Read more »

Older Pedestrians Stand to Benefit from Many Recent “Safe Street and Sidewalk” Measures

Once drivers hang up the keys, how do they get around? Not surprisingly, the most popular means of travel for former drivers is to slide over to the passenger seat. However, what may surprise you is what comes in second. The AARP Public Policy Institute has found that walking is second to private vehicle travel… Read more »

Here and Here to Stay: Staying Mobile With or Without a Car

We’re thrilled here at Mobility Lab to welcome Lori Cohen as our new blogger on quality-of-life issues for seniors. This topic has a crucial connection to transportation demand, and Lori has a knowledgeable perspective, having worked for such organizations as AARP and the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators. Welcome to the inaugural post for… Read more »