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Melissa McMahon

Melissa McMahon

Melissa does transportation demand management for Arlington County Commuter Services, building on experience in land use, environmental planning, and public health.

Carsharing can open parking spaces to happier, healthier lives for all

Car ownership is an anchor on our choices and habits. It creates inertia against change. This is most obvious when we think of the ways in which owning a car requires physical public sacrifices that cities have accepted for decades: parking spaces at home and at destinations, space for roadways. The assumption that people will… Read more »

10 Rules for Construction of Good Bicycle Parking

Arlington, Virginia takes bicycling seriously. It partnered with Washington D.C. to create arguably the most successful bikesharing network in the U.S., Capital Bikeshare. Arlington contains more than 100 miles of multi-use trails, on-street bike lanes, and designated bike routes over a relatively small 26.1 square miles of space. The county prides itself on its world-class multimodal… Read more »

Keeping Governments Relevant as the Sharing Economy Grows

Shared-use mobility is a hot topic these days. Mobility Lab is partnering with the Association for Commuter Transportation and TransitCenter on an event June 10-11 in Washington D.C. called Innovation in Mobility Public Policy Summit. And Mobility Lab Director Tom Fairchild was a panelist recently at The Brookings Institution for Mobility Innovations in the Sharing Economy sponsored by the Japan… Read more »

Arlington’s Local Transportation Data Helps Others Nationwide

Arlington County, Virginia has requirements for many proposed development projects that allow county transportation experts to measure key indicators such as parking occupancy, vehicles moving in and out of garages, and commute mode choice of residents. Individually, these studies can be used by these experts to compare reality against the projections used in the traffic-impact… Read more »

Why Should Local Governments Care About Carsharing?

The “sharing economy” is growing at an astonishing rate in response to economic needs, technological innovation, and cultural changes across the globe. People are sharing things of value that are otherwise underutilized, and in the process building new networks and communities. Through the internet and mobile devices, companies now facilitate sharing your house, your skills… Read more »

Report: Why Should Local Governments Care About Carsharing?

A literature-review-based report that details the public benefits of carsharing and why local governments should care about these benefits. Arlington County’s Master Transportation Plan is used in this report as an example of a set of long-range transportation planning priorities, but many communities have similar documents full of transportation goals and objectives. The report focuses… Read more »

How Arlington Addresses Community Health Through the Built Environment and Behavior Change

Robert J. Samuelson of The Washington Post recently wrote about an unpleasant new report from the National Research Council. The report finds that for many years now, Americans have been dying at younger ages than people in almost all other high-income countries. This disadvantage has been getting worse for three decades, especially among women. Not… Read more »