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Paul Mackie

Paul Mackie

Paul is communications director for Mobility Lab. He specializes in storytelling and editing, as well as environmental and pop-culture issues related to transportation.

Hipsters a Valuable Part of Sustainable Transportation Trends

While visiting the H Street Festival northeast of Union Station in Washington DC last weekend, it was apparent that hipster culture is booming and that many sideline hipsters like myself are more than open to exploring the hipster part of town. Rumor has it that the festival expanded from 35,000 to 65,000 attendees from last… Read more »

Business Leaders Keep Crystal City Rolling with the Times and Relevant

Crystal City, Virginia, located across the Potomac River from Washington DC, provides an interesting example of how key investments can shape “activity centers” into more dynamic and successful communities. This is republished from our partners over at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Government’s Region Forward. Major redevelopment in the 1960s transformed Crystal City’s industrial landscape… Read more »

Building “place” is the means to economic prosperity for communities

Community leaders nationwide need to recognize that “place” is their most valuable asset. The most effective way to maintain or build economic prosperity is to protect the character, uniqueness, and history of our towns. This was the message from Parris Glendenning – a board member of Smart Growth America and former Maryland governor – this… Read more »

Real-estate market has shifted from suburban to walkable urban

Home-buyers in the Washington DC region will now pay 71 percent more for a home in a walkable area than one in the drive-only suburbs. This is among the wealth of new findings in a report released this week that examines 43 “walkUPs” – or walkable, urban places – in the region, and how they… Read more »

Choose Your Own Commuting Adventure

Mobility Lab works closely with several partners, and one of them is Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP), which has put together a cute series of short videos that will hopefully help commuters give more thought to how they get to work each day. The four videos show a group of coworkers figuring out how to simplify… Read more »

Why Car Traffic and Free Parking are Bad for Campuses

College campuses are one of the few havens left in the United States where traffic and exhaust-spewing cars are not so overwhelming. After all, remember those days of walking across the grassy quad or having a coffee in a peaceful nook with classmates and clear skies? There are countless reasons for minimizing vehicle traffic at… Read more »

Walking in Savannah: An Experience That Deserves Promotion

Walking Magazine has already named Savannah, Georgia “one of the top 10 walking cities in America.” And having just returned from the Association of Commuter Transportation annual conference, I was surprised to do a little a research and find that the charming southern city has such a low “car-dependent” Walk Score of 47 out of… Read more »

Experts in Health, Transportation, Environment Need to Partner Up

We, the American public, have boxed ourselves into habitual styles of living, and it doesn’t have to be that way, said Dr. Richard Jackson of the UCLA School of Public Health during his keynote speech at the annual conference of the Association of Commuter Transportation, this year in Savannah, Georgia. Luckily, he said that the younger… Read more »