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Paul Mackie

Paul Mackie

Paul is communications director for Mobility Lab. He specializes in storytelling and editing, as well as environmental and pop-culture issues related to transportation.

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White Paper #1 – Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and the Long-Term Impact of the Rising Price of Gas

The Mobility Collaborative’s first white paper discusses the impact of rising gas prices on household budgets and travel behavior. Research and previous behaviors suggest that price increases alone are not going to be enough to change how people think about mobility. The Mobility Collaborative discusses the myth frequently believed by both the general public and… Read more »

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About The Mobility Collaborative

The Mobility Collaborative is a think tank focused on creating mobility access for the next generation of communities. It was initially convened by Arlington County, Virginia, and is comprised of recognized national and international thought-leaders who offer informed perspectives on some major forces shaping 21st century metropolitan communities. The focus of the collaborative is on… Read more »


New Survey Finds Capital Bikeshare Users Drive Less and Save Big

Capital Bikeshare members save an average of $891 per year and collectively reduce their driving miles by 5 million per year. These are just some of the findings from an extensive report released today regarding the annual survey of members of the regional bikesharing program. The report contains detailed insight into how people are using Capital… Read more »

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Americans Want Sidewalks, Energy Efficiency, Transit … And Are Willing to Do Something About It!

This is such a great “infographic” created by the American Planning Association, to support its 2012 National Poll of American’s opinions on planning. It’s nice to see that so many people realize planning, whether it’s urban or rural or anywhere in between, is and could be a crucial way for us to continue working our… Read more »

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Film Spotlights Arlington County, Virginia’s Ability to Grow Without Traffic Congestion

Arlington County, Virginia has been a powerful example of the many places around the U.S. that have been able to protect from overwhelming auto traffic in the face of massive population growth. Anyone looking for an interesting glimpse into how Arlington County managed this complicated task should watch Arlington’s Smart Growth Journey. The 11-minute short… Read more »

Walkability expert Dan Burden (right) works with the Michigan Municipal League and several Michigan communities.

Today’s Most Valuable Real Estate = Yesterday’s Slums

Chris Leinberger, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution with a real-estate background, makes perhaps the strongest argument yet that the most bikable and walkable communities are the communities of the future, and the ones with the most market value when it comes time to sell your place. These communities may be located in rural… Read more »

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Americans Are Driving Less. Are You?

This article was originally published by Anne Factor at goDCgo. Americans, especially the young, are driving less. We’ve been hearing this for a while now and have recently seen a flurry of new reports, statistics, articles and editorials documenting and trying to explain the downward trend. The theories put forth are varied and all seem… Read more »

WAMU interviews Chris Zimmerman

Arlington and DC “Catching Up” With the Rest of the World on Transit

WAMU 88.5 FM in Washington DC just aired an interesting feature by reporter Martin di Caro (pictured interviewing Chris Zimmerman of the Arlington County Board). It essentially captured that the DC region is one of the top places in the U.S. for transportation mobility options. Compared to many places throughout the rest of the world, however, we… Read more »