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Soon D.C. employers may pay people to not drive to work – Streetsblog USA

It’s understandable that, in a competitive job environment like Washington D.C., some employers would feel the need to offer employees the perk of paying for their driving commute. That’s a great element of capitalism. But it’s lousy for society, causing traffic gridlock and workers who end up being angry and unhealthy. So it’s encouraging to… Read more »


Mexico City’s Metro map uses a different icon for each station – Greater Greater Washington

We often talk about the best ways for transit agencies to make their data more available and usable for passengers, but equally important is the way information is displayed in stations and on buses and subways. Mexico City serves as a great example of one way to do information in an exciting way. The city… Read more »

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Study: People on bikes break the law to stay safe, drivers do it to save time – Bicycling Magazine

Sitting at a stop light can often make a person on a bike feel like a sitting duck. Now a massive new study has been published that confirms why they often don’t regard traffic signs and signals (almost entirely there for the sake of cars). More than 70 percent of the time, when cyclists break… Read more »


Autonomous cars will turn back the clock on sustainable cities – Cities of the Future

Although it’s still a rare thing to hear experts worry about driverless cars creating worse traffic in the future, the rumbling is starting to get louder. Pablo Valerio recently documented this trend over at Cities of the Future, quoting traffic-analysis legend Sam Schwartz. Within the next 10 years autonomous cars could reverse the trend to free… Read more »

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Trump’s budget would deal massive blow to transit projects – Streetsblog

Funding for future transit projects would be cut under the proposed budget outline from the Trump administration. The New Starts program, which provides project funding, would see its budget eliminated for projects that do not already have a federal funding agreement. Writes Angie Schmitt of Streetsblog: Many cities have lined up local funding for rail… Read more »

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Bikeshare riders took 25% more trips in 2016 than in 2015 – NACTO

U.S. bikeshare continues to grow steadily in the last year, bolstered by the country’ largest systems. The total number of trips made by bikeshare rose 25% in 2016 over the previous year, according to new statistics released by NACTO: “The number of bike share systems, defined as publicly-available systems with at least 10 stations and… Read more »

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Class for drivers on being “bicycle-friendly” opens minds in Fort Collins – BikePortland

In class in Fort Collins, Colo., has been teaching drivers how to better understand the challenges bicyclists face and how to drive safely alongside them. Beyond empathy, the program introduced many drivers to the previously-foreign concept of biking: Perhaps the most impressive thing about the program is how it has made cycling more attractive —… Read more »


Rewards program works to improve the morning commute – Bay Area Rapid Transit

It’s frustrating to be on a packed train heading into the city during morning rush hour and see empty trains headed in the opposite direction. Well, BART has come up with an amazing TDM pilot that, with the results in, shows people will shift their commutes outside of the busiest times if they’re rewarded for… Read more »