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Has Louisville figured out how to eliminate traffic congestion?

In Louisville, tolls have been introduced across one major bridge crossing, but not on another. The non-tolled crossing only takes drivers a few minutes more out of their way. Anecdotally, that appears to be what’s happening. Traffic congestion is a direct consequence of charging too low a price to road users. Kentucky and Indiana have… Read more »

Here is how carmakers are pivoting to attract customers who don’t want to drive

This is a fascinating article on the many ways carmakers are adjusting to a totally different model for successful business. Design, build and sell. The popularity of ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, combined with the emergence of self-driving cars and the reluctance of millennials to purchase vehicles, is causing a fundamental shift in that… Read more »

President Trump’s inaugural walk will be along a bike path

This reporter took a bicycle ride organized by the World Resources Institute and the Washington Area Bicyclist Association with 30 people along the inaugural route. Some members of Congress do cycle to work, and there is a Congressional Bike Caucus. As for recent commanders in chief, George W. Bush was an avid mountain biker and Barack Obama has been photographed biking on… Read more »

Public Uber-style service works in Southwest Twin Cities

With its service called Prime, SouthWest Transit is pioneering Uber-style door-to-door on-demand rides, offering freedom of mobility and schedule flexibility not generally associated with traditional public transportation. “SouthWest Transit is definitely forward thinking, and this is where things are headed when it comes to mobility,” said Darnell Grisby, director of Policy Development and Research for… Read more »

Transportation agencies will finally measure the movement of people, not just cars

The highly inaccurate science of measuring road and highway congestion simply by the number of cars on them is finally coming to a merciful end. Perhaps most importantly, a bus with 100 people will no longer equal a single-occupant car, meaning more sustainable transportation options will have fewer barriers to operation. The result [has been]… Read more »

The 9 transit trends that will move us in 2017

This is a really sharp list of transit trends predicted by the Trapeze Group, which provides software to transportation agencies. There are many good insights from industry leaders. This one in particular captures TDM trends really well: New and Unexpected Markets will Help Improve Ridership “Public transit markets are becoming more volatile as Millennials move towards adulthood…. Read more »

NACTO releases city data sharing principles

Recent data releases by private transportation-service providers, including Uber’s new Movement data, are definitely a step in the right direction. But the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO), an association of 49 cities in the United States, has a new framework for these releases and finds that private data releases need to better coincide… Read more »

Study: Uber, Lyft carpool services could reduce traffic by 75 percent

We’ve been waiting with baited breath to see signs that Uber and Lyft, through their various carpool offerings, can actually reduce traffic congestion. A new study by MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory brings some exciting news. Carpool services such as UberPool and Lyft Line could reduce the number of vehicles on the road by… Read more »

A simple tech fix that could get more people on bikeshare

This is a piece of practical technology that may have a positive effect on one of bikeshare’s biggest psychological barriers: perceptions that riding on city streets is unsafe. Motivate, the company that runs Citi Bike in New York City, will install extra-bright “laserlights” on 250 bikes. The lights project the image of a bicycle onto the… Read more »