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County Board Approves Pedestrian-Only Streets in Arlington

The Arlington County Board has approved adding pedestrian-only streets and low-speed “shared streets” to its transportation repertoire. The amendments to the county’s Master Transportation Plan were approved unanimously at the Board’s meeting on Saturday. As we reported in September, the county’s long-term plan for Rosslyn includes a multi-block, pedestrian-only stretch of 18th Street to replace… Read more »

ballston bus Kittner_2

‘A bus in a traffic jam? It’s as unjust as it once was not to allow women to vote’

Mobility is a very peculiar challenge for a city – different from health or education – because it’s one problem that tends to get worse as societies get richer. An advanced city is not one where poor residents use cars, but one where rich residents use public transport. If all citizens are equal, then somebody… Read more »


We Could Be The Last Car-Owning Generation, Says Transportation Secretary Foxx

Leaders like U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx, mayor of Pittsburgh William Peduto, and Zipcar co-founder Robin Chase gathered at the White House’s first-ever Frontiers Conference in Pittsburgh “[My wish] is that people can imagine not owning cars,” said Chase, asking the audience to imagine, “a completely shared transportation system where they don’t spend 18 percent of… Read more »


N.C. Research Triangle avoided 4.6 million trips in past year with TDM efforts

The news: This infographic presents transportation-demand results throughout Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill for their 2016 fiscal year. Our take: These are the kind of numbers any TMAs of TDM agencies need to be producing and communicating loudly and often in order to show the importance of educating people about the transportation options they have… Read more »


Attention Leonardo DiCaprio: LA’s anti-density movement is bad for the environment

When you think of climate change, you probably think of a coal-fired power plant, the black smoke from its government-regulated incineration of fossil fuels spewing into a blue sky. But in the U.S., the fastest growing contributor to the types of emissions that are causing the planet to warm is no longer power plants. It’s transportation. Leonardo… Read more »


Jukebox Helps Travelers Find The Best Way To Get To Their Destination

TransitScreen was lunching from a civic technology project at Mobility Lab and has provided city walkers with a plethora of real-time transport information on LCD flat screens in hotel lobbies, coffee shops, hospitals and other public spaces. Transit information is available on 200 of TouchTunes’s jukeboxes across major U.S. cities, though CEO Ryan Croft hopes that by 2017 that number… Read more »


San Francisco Makes a Guerrilla Bike Lane Permanent

Since debuting this year, the anonymous San Francisco Municipal Transformation Authority has installed more than a half-dozen interventions in the city to protect cyclists, mainly in the form of orange cones that barricade bike lanes from cars. Their goal is not just to reduce traffic accidents, but to put “pressure on the [San Francisco Municipal… Read more »


Arlington, Disney, Harvard, Boulder, and Seattle hospital win ACT transportation awards

Implementing progressive commuter-benefits programs, paying employees to not drive alone to work, and investing major funds in bicycling and vanpool programs helped The Walt Disney Company, Harvard University, the City of Boulder, Arlington County, Va., and Seattle Children’s Hospital to become the first organizations to receive the Association for Commuter Transportation’s new Transportation Demand Management… Read more »


Xerox Releases Early Results from its Global Transportation Survey at ITS World Congress

A forthcoming 23 city, global study from Xerox showed that citizens have high expectations for transportation innovation in their cities over the next few years. According to the study, by 2020 half of all respondents (49 percent) believe they will have one app for all their transportation needs and 27 percent of respondents believe they will be… Read more »