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We’ve Seen the Future of Transit Fares

On Monday, New York’s MTA announced it would begin replacing the MetroCard with a “tap and go” card as soon as 2018, presenting a pivotal opportunity to implement a fare payment system that best serves riders. Could the MTA learn from other agencies that have already undergone this process? Last Thursday, transit experts from London,… Read more »


Arkansas county boosts funding for 4-H, slashes public transit

FAYETTEVILLE – In what will hopefully not become a sign of things to come in localities across the nation, the Washington County Quorum Court reversed course Monday and funded a 4-H agent for the county cooperative extension service while severely cutting Ozark Regional Transit, the regional public transportation system. Justices of the peace, who usually… Read more »


As Metro struggles, Capital Bikeshare takes bigger role in region’s transit network

When Allie Toomey grew weary of Metro’s chronic delays and service disruptions, she turned to the Capital Bikeshare station a block from her Pentagon City apartment. Now she commutes by bike. “It is a lot less hassle,” said Toomey, 27, a social media manager at a nonprofit organization in Crystal City. “I am in control… Read more »


Bikeshare conference brings pedal power to the people

As the North American Bikeshare Association begins its annual conference in Austin, Texas, the organization’s president predicts that in the next couple of decades, most people will not be driving, nor will they own their transportation. “People will be mode agnostic. What an individual cares about is getting from point A to point B the fastest way possible,… Read more »


How Transit Fared in the 2016 Election

The news: It’s finally over. After 20 months of primaries, campaigning, debates, ugly scandal, drama, allegations of criminal activity and so much more, Americans cast their ballots and chose their 45th president: Donald Trump. The presidential race overshadowed essentially everything else. But there were a litany of important local, regional and state transit-related ballot measures… Read more »


This Bike Lane Can Save Your Life

Adding bike lanes makes a city healthier—even for people who never climb on a bicycle. If you lay down enough bike lanes, something magical begins to happen: Non-riders begin to benefit from cleaner air when the network of bike lanes gets complete enough that people start riding bikes to work instead of driving. Less-comprehensive networks don’t reduce air pollution… Read more »


Bicycling in our national politics? It “needs to become mainstream”

Bicycling can be part of a broader conversation about transportation, livability, and the environment that we need in our politics. This American Presidential election, meanwhile, has been almost completely devoid of conversation about these issues. Biking is a major political issue in a number of places already, but those places are usually larger, progressive cities…. Read more »


Ways better voting rules could remove transportation worries from the process says American elections can feel a bit outdated and offers a nice list of ways to improve them. A big part of the list is related to the demand on our transportation systems on Election Day. While it’s nice that Zipcar and Lyft are offering discounted rides Tuesday, Vox’s ideas are even better: allow… Read more »