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An integrated perspective on the future of mobility

The way people move around the urban environment is primed for dramatic change. A new report, An integrated perspective on the future of mobility, a collaboration between Bloomberg New Energy Finance and McKinsey, explores how a number of existing social, economic, and technological trends will work together to disrupt mobility at the local level. Getting mobility right… Read more »

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I used a tax ‘loophole’ to ride in a nearly empty Uber that the government treats like the subway

The mass transit I took to Brooklyn the other night came in the form of a gray Toyota minivan. It sure didn’t feel like mass transit: My colleague and I filled the middle row, and for most of the rush-hour journey crawling over torn-up Greenwich Village streets and then coasting across the Manhattan Bridge, it… Read more »


Big Philly Employer Adds New Benefit for Bicycle Commuters – Next City

The University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia last week announced that it will add a bicycle commuting reimbursement to its employee benefits package beginning in January 2017. This means that for regular bike commuters, expenses like tuneups, new bike lights and replacement handlebars will be covered for up to $20 per month or $240 per year…. Read more »


Why Metrorail ridership is down – Rebuilding Place in Urban Space

In response to the Washington Post story, “Metro’s multimillion-dollar mystery: Where have our riders gone?,” of course the answer is obvious — significant degradation of the service and high cost. Which the Post reported on a couple weeks ago (“Meet some Metro riders — ex-Metro riders, that is”). There is a great deal of research… Read more »


“Miami’s Never Moved Like This” Campaign Aims to Make Public Transit Cool

Miami’s car culture has been hard to shake. But the Miami-Dade County Department of Transportation and Public Works is partnering with Prism Creative Group and the New Tropic to promote public transportation with the campaign Miami’s Never Moved Like This. Several connecting projects are underway. Another part of the campaign is to be creative, with promotions like… Read more »