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Trump’s new DOT secretary should follow inspiring path of LaHood, Foxx

Donald Trump has nominated Elaine Chao for Secretary of Transportation, reports Politico. Chao, the daughter of a shipping magnate and wife of Senate Majority Leader Mitche McConnell, served as Secretary of Labor under George W. Bush. Mobility Lab hopes the U.S. DOT continues down the impressive road it has followed of the past two secretaries,… Read more »

Wake County Transit Plan speeds toward Durham

The news: Wake County—which includes Raleigh— has passed a measure that allows a half cent increase in the local sales tax to help fund expanded bus service, create dedicated bus lanes, and eventually help finance a proposed 37-mile long commuter rail system. Despite doubt about how much the Triangle’s college community will use the new public… Read more »

The secret to Portland’s bike share success is in the science of behavior change

Launching a bikeshare? Be sure to head EAST – making it easy, attractive, social, and timely. For that last one, if you’re thinking of launching a system now (at least in the northern hemisphere), don’t! Launch it when it is sunny and warm out, people are more likely to be on vacation, and everyone will… Read more »

Cubic, Mastercard study shows shift to transit, shared services from New York promotion

Cubic’s Urban Insights group and Mastercard collaborated on a request from New York City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez to measure the impact of Car Free Day NYC held in April. The one-day event resulted in an increase of more than 30,000 riders than the season’s daily average on the MTA subway, and public data for other… Read more »

Driverless vehicles are exciting, but let’s consider the negatives carefully

I don’t hate cars. In fact, I think cars were an amazing invention that dramatically improved life in the world. But we did go too far in over-designing our world around the automobile, something we are now trying to change. But it strikes me that we’re poised to make the same mistake with driverless cars…. Read more »

Tons of research now showing how bike lanes save lives

The transformative virtues of protected bike lanes have been the focus of much research lately. A 2014 study from Portland State University determined that segregated bike paths are not only demonstrably safer for riders, they have the power to lure lapsed riders back aboard their bikes. And in a new paper in theAmerican Journal of Public Health,… Read more »

When you live in car-dependent places, adding bike lanes can be tough

At a packed community meeting in the Baltimore suburb of Ellicott City, with around 200 attending, residents pressed county officials to drop or dramatically alter plans to convert existing shoulders used for overflow parking from school events into bike lanes on either side of the street. Cars also routinely back up into the street during… Read more »