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Incentive programs target single-occupancy commuters

While many advocates work behind the scenes to change entrenched transportation policy on the local, state and federal level, TDM programs try to communicate directly with commuters to encourage them to at least think about more efficient transportation options. CTrides in Connecticut hosts a week-long competition each year among businesses and organizations based in the… Read more »


Metro Transit Customers in Twin Cities Can Now Pay Via Smartphone App

Instead of finding the exact amount of change or remembering your Go-To Card (that you might not even have), mass transit customers in the Twin Cities can now pay for fares via a new smartphone app. Metro Transit introduced the new free-to-download app Thursday, saying the app includes a mobile ticketing feature that allows users… Read more »


MIT Administration ‘Walking the Talk’ on Transit Commuter Benefits

MIT employees recently began receiving free use of transit. By changing the incentive structure of the commuting benefits it provides to its employees, MIT is setting an example of how major employers can incentivize a more sustainable public transit-oriented commuting pattern and finance the expanded employee benefits through savings realized by not building the increasingly… Read more »


Uber’s Discrimination Problem Is Bad News for Public Transit

A new study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Washington, and Stanford University says Uber and Lyft have a discrimination problem. In Seattle and Boston, the researchers used Uber and Lyft profiles with “white sounding” and “distinctively black” names to request rides and found that discrimination frequently happens before the transaction begins. Rachel Holt, Uber’s… Read more »


‘Hackathon’ in New Haven brings together techies to inspire transit improvements

Hugh Seaton’s Stamford, Conn., startup recently sponsored a hackathon to “hack” ideas for improving nearby New Haven’s transit infrastructure and experience for commuters. Among the hackers was engineer Ryan Zaveruha, who was developing a communication system that would allow text messaging by using a phone’s Bluetooth, a miniature and barebones computer called a raspberry pi,… Read more »


Pittsburgh program scaring pedestrians into being safe

The Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership is using technology and a little gallows humor to get pedestrians to pay attention while crossing Downtown streets. For the past few weeks, improvisational actors dressed as the Grim Reaper and zombies have wandered the Golden Triangle surprising pedestrians who are looking at their cell phones rather than watching traffic around… Read more »


“Mobility as a Service” Central to LADOT’s New Vision

LADOT General Manager Seleta Reynolds, who sometimes calls herself “Storyteller in Chief,” discusses LADOT’s new vision for mobility is the concept of “mobility as a service:” The idea is that, eventually, we want to get to a place where mobility and transportation are seen as a utility, which you pay for as you use it or as… Read more »


Chinese Tech Giants’ New Bet: Bike Sharing

As China’s ride-hailing industry faces tougher regulations, local tech firms and venture capitalists are eyeing a two-wheeled business instead of four. And as bikesharing catches on, what’s amazing is that the high-tech option only costs between 7 cents and 30 cents an hour. This video originally appeared on Read the complete article at MarketWatch