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Self-driving cars can’t cure traffic, but economics can – New York Times

Conor Dougherty writes about how cost may be the only real factor that would allow autonomous vehicles to improve the traffic jams in American cities. “Maybe autonomous cars will be different from other capacity expansions,” says Matthew Turner, an economist from Brown University. “But of the things we have observed so far, the only thing that… Read more »


Building a ‘smart city’ starts with mass transit systems – METRO Magazine

Singapore has been named tops in the world on a list of cities doing the best job at applying technology to improve their mobility and transportation connectedness, according to Juniper Research’s 2016 Smart City Rankings. Singapore has deployed hundreds of cameras and sensors citywide to analyze traffic congestion and crowd density. This enables government officials to… Read more »


Waze and other traffic dodging apps prompt cities to game the algorithms – USA Today

As cities continue to figure out how they are going to be smarter and more connected, one thing they’ll have to get up to snuff on will be how they either partner closely or outsmart apps that are changing the ways people get around cities. This includes drivers too, and with the “Waze effect” being a real… Read more »

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Metro expected to raise bus, Metrorail fares in its new budget – Washington Post

When it comes to closing a budget shortfall during a period of declining ridership, WMATA has a tough choice to make. The agency is expected to approve a budget this week that will raise rates for Metrorail and Metrobus: Wiedefeld’s final budget proposal is largely the same as the proposal he floated late last year: peak-period rail fares… Read more »


Spring-like weather smashed February biking records in Arlington – BikeArlington

The D.C. area had plenty of hot streaks in February, and Arlington’s bicyclists took advantage. BikeArlington’s analysis of bike-counter data found most routes exceeded the average since 2014 (when counters were installed) by upwards of 200 percent. That record proved to be short lived as counts of 1,609 (Feb. 23) and 1,559 (Feb. 24) lead… Read more »


Danish advocate of cycling-as-transportation visits to help Copenhagenize Miami – Miami Herald

This rendering of how bicycling in Miami could take off like it has in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and even to a lesser degree in D.C. is simple and simply brilliant. Mikael Colville-Andersen of Copenhagenize has been brought to Miami by architect Bernard Zyscovich and the Knight Foundation to discuss ways to increase bike ridership. The brilliance… Read more »


A good way to avoid injuries on the road: Ride the bus – CityLab

We’ve all seen the numbers before: taking the bus is far safer than driving your car. Meanwhile, transit operators continue to advertise themselves in defensive mode, often telling people to be safe and exercise all types of caution. Hopefully new research will make bus operators think outside of the box and get customers excited and… Read more »


New Chicago Campaign Underway To Stem Bus Ridership Declines – DNAinfo Chicago

Chicago’s Active Transportation Alliance is looking to turn around declining bus ridership in the city through a number of new initiatives. The advocacy organization is currently surveying riders on what the city could do to make buses a better option, from faster boarding processes to dedicated lanes: According to a report issued by the CTA… Read more »


A fascinating glimpse at how we’ll all carpool in 2027 – WIRED

Carmakers are seriously investing in imagining a car of the future that is no longer so geared to solo drivers. And a new project from designer Ideo may be the closest to finally getting people’s privacy (and sociability) concerns correct. It places the car at the center of a new marketplace, one where owners of an autonomous vehicle… Read more »