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New Chicago Campaign Underway To Stem Bus Ridership Declines – DNAinfo Chicago

Chicago’s Active Transportation Alliance is looking to turn around declining bus ridership in the city through a number of new initiatives. The advocacy organization is currently surveying riders on what the city could do to make buses a better option, from faster boarding processes to dedicated lanes: According to a report issued by the CTA… Read more »


A fascinating glimpse at how we’ll all carpool in 2027 – WIRED

Carmakers are seriously investing in imagining a car of the future that is no longer so geared to solo drivers. And a new project from designer Ideo may be the closest to finally getting people’s privacy (and sociability) concerns correct. It places the car at the center of a new marketplace, one where owners of an autonomous vehicle… Read more »


Apple campus nears opening as Cupertino focuses on traffic – Mercury News

We wrote a while back that we thought Apple made a poor decision to build a mammoth headquarters in Cupertino, California miles from public transportation and adequate housing. Leadership for the tech giant maintains that the new campus will offer “a serene environment reflecting Apple’s values of innovation, ease of use, and beauty.” So now… Read more »


Ride-hailing worsening NYC congestion, new study finds – Streetsblog NYC

Ride-hailing’s effect on congestion has long been poorly understood, but a new study of TNCs in New York City, where they operate under a unique agreement that reports mileage data, shows Uber, Lyft, and others raising vehicle-miles traveled by 7 percent in some boroughs. Streetsblog NYC’s Charles Komanoff describes how the new data is reshaping… Read more »


Pittsburgh gets first mobility/infrastructure director – The Incline

We’ve written before about how Pittsburgh is climbing the ranks as a transportation leader, with much work still to do. Well, today marks a milestone in the city’s trek, as Karina Ricks, former associate director of D.C.’s Department of Transportation, starts as Pittsburgh’s first-ever director of the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure. “Transportation is one of… Read more »


Google Waze takes on Uber, Lyft with more carpooling – CNET

Having seemingly completed pilot experiments in San Francisco and Israel, Google Waze’s carpooling app appears to be set to launch in other places soon. It will be fascinating to see if Waze is the one that will finally bring carpooling back into the mainstream, after being marginalized for the past 30-plus years. Only about 11 percent of U.S. commuters… Read more »


Ford CEO: Future of cities has almost nothing to do with cars – Business Insider

Ford CEO Mark Fields has clearly been brushing up on the finer points of why transportation demand management is one of the most crucial tools for fixing traffic jams to make the economy and people’s lives better in cities. He is perfectly willing to admit cities of the future won’t be ruled by cars. The real… Read more »


Blurred (transit) lines: Apps like Uber are the new public transport – Newsweek

“Mass transportation is an old-fashioned way of talking about transportation supply,” says Matt Caywood, co-founder of TransitScreen, which started up at Mobility Lab. “It’s defined as a type of transportation that carries a lot of people. But that’s not the perspective of the tourist, who’s just trying to get somewhere in a new city.” Here’s… Read more »


Why does Tampa Bay have one of the worst public transit systems in the US? – Tampa Bay Times

An investigation from the Tampa Bay Times examines why Tampa’s transit system is so lacking for a metropolitan area of 3 million people. Compared to other cities of the same size, Tampa Bay’s transit options allow for access to far fewer jobs: Tampa Bay’s system reaches the same number of jobs as those in places… Read more »