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Mass transit advocates hope for boost from Atlanta highway collapse – SavannahNow

The collapse of a major interstate in Atlanta has prompted increases in transit ridership, which has brought much debate about transportation in a region that has atypically and historically gone out of its way to disregard the importance of transportation options. Mayor Mike Bodker said he thinks residents could support higher sales taxes for some… Read more »


Inside Boston’s bus revamp – CityLab

The smartest cities aren’t dumping all their brainpower into autonomous vehicles and gondolas. They are thinking about how to revamp outdated bus systems. And they’re using technology to do it. Take Boston as Exhibit A. Boston is using modeling from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to both improve trips for existing passengers and bring new… Read more »


If you want to understand Tesla’s parking problems, take a look at Elon Musk’s tunnel proposal – Mobilizing the Region

Given Elon Musk’s big ideas about transportation, his take on office TDM can seem fairly lacking. A Wall Street Journal article recently documented his factory’s parking crush situation, which, Tri-State Transportation Campaign notes, is just a half-mile from a new BART station: Tesla’s corporate office in Palo Alto, just across the bay from Fremont, is… Read more »


Denver, Philly ask residents: How do our streets work for you? – Next City

Data-informing Vision Zero policies can often be difficult to come by. Crash reports from police departments are helpful, but can lack the necessary nuance about where people biking and walking feel unsafe and face conflicts with drivers. Following in the steps of cities like D.C., Denver and Philadelphia are now reaching out to residents about… Read more »


Transit is made for walking – TransitCenter

While first-last mile solutions are useful strategies in less-dense communities, TransitCenter’s Zak Accuardi explains that transit performs best when riders can walk to stations: “Improving street network connections that make walking to transit easier is among the most useful and cost-effective first- and last-mile strategies. Even in relatively dense urban centers, walking to transit can… Read more »


The world’s most elegant public transit campaign – CityLab

As an antidote to our distaste for Denver’s latest transit messaging, a wave of enjoyment is rushing over us to see the pure joy and inspiration Toronto is building for its public-transportation options. The Toronto Transit Commission has a new fleet of subway and streetcars, so why not show them off in style? In its latest… Read more »


How self-driving cars will change local real estate – Washingtonian Magazine

In a new article that appears in the April issue of Washingtonian, author Michael Gaynor asks several experts what the D.C. region would look like with autonomous vehicles. Mobility Lab managing director Howard Jennings is quoted saying they could “increase the reach of Metro stations by helping solve that last mile or two of travel… Read more »


Reston’s paid parking battle was a long time coming – Washingtonian

This is a very well-reasoned piece by Dan Reed about the emotional issue of parking. Focusing on Reston Town Center, in Virginia, where hundreds recently protested having to pay for parking. The protesters basically claim parking “is a God-given right,” but in places like this with such high demand, if parking is underpriced, people will… Read more »


Intuit, Mayo Clinic, and Verizon understand TDM, more HR pros need to get it as well – Human Resources Executive

Intuit, headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., is spotlighted in this article about the importance of human-resources professionals advancing transportation-demand initiatives at companies. The Mayo Clinic and Verizon are also featured for their impressive corporate TDM programs. Although commuter programs may fall outside the scope of HR, some employers say this national recognition is part of… Read more »