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stepthrough - bannerman

Pedaling towards suffrage

Having biking as a safe transportation option can play a major role in expanding access to new economic and educational opportunities. A century ago, changing bicycle frames away from men-oriented diamonds to step-throughs that allowed for women’s clothing drew new riders to the mode. In a blog post, Emma Glaser discusses the historic role bicycles,… Read more »


Study: Uber and Lyft add traffic, reduce efficiency on Denver and Boulder roads – Streetsblog Denver

As more research comes in, it’s becoming a little clearer that Uber and Lyft are no substitute for effective public transit, and cities shouldn’t feel they don’t need to provide it if they’re allowing ride-hail operators. Recently it was discovered that New York City’s traffic is worse because of Uber and Lyft. Now the same… Read more »


Talking Headways podcast: When relatives take transit, you ride too

“A lot of the issues that affect ridership happen to be outside of the hands of the transit agencies,” says Darnell Grisby. He’s the director of policy development and research at the American Public Transportation Association and is the latest guest on the always-excellent Talking Headways podcast. (After you listen to Darnell’s episode, check out this… Read more »


Driverless cars will be the end of transportation – Real Life Magazine

Although much of this provocative article reads like science fiction, the author does a good job of anticipating how people may change when we become an autonomous-vehicles society. “Driverless cars posit a possible future without street life and without spaces for spontaneity,” she concludes, after noting dozens of ways we would change. As with previous… Read more »


Arizona DOT’s quirky messaging is working – Arizona State Press

The Arizona Department of Transportation’s recent efforts to add a little fun to its traffic safety messaging is a nice model for all kinds of messaging for public-transportation agencies and advocates. Efforts such as messaging contests for the public and using pop-culture references in highway digital signage have created massive new social-media audiences for the… Read more »


Swedish ad perfectly skewers self-driving hype – The Verge

The hype and mystery surrounding the technology behind (and impact of) autonomous vehicles can reach a fever pitch all too easily. It’s likely that while AVs change some things, for many people the benefits can already be achieved through transit. One ad for a Swedish transit agency has produced an ad that elegantly makes this… Read more »


Uber is betting D.C. commuters are willing to pay to slug – Washington Post

Uber is planning its Northern Virginia launch of a new carpooling option called “Commute,” which pairs commuters hoping to make use of HOV lanes along specific corridors. But the paid feature will be competing with long-running free options, such as traditional sluglines. An uberPool trip costing $15 to upward of $25 would cost $5 to… Read more »


Despite record surge in jobs, TDM investment keeps Seattle moving – Center for Transportation Excellence

By all rights, Seattle’s explosively expanding job market and constrained geography should equate to a traffic nightmare. But that is not what is happening. Commute Seattle is a little organization simply educating the community that transportation can’t be done the way it always has been. The way it works in unison with lots of other… Read more »


Soon D.C. employers may pay people to not drive to work – Streetsblog USA

It’s understandable that, in a competitive job environment like Washington D.C., some employers would feel the need to offer employees the perk of paying for their driving commute. That’s a great element of capitalism. But it’s lousy for society, causing traffic gridlock and workers who end up being angry and unhealthy. So it’s encouraging to… Read more »