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What do Northern Virginians want most from government? Relief from traffic congestion – Washington Post

Based on polling from NVTA’s TransAction, Mobility Lab and groups like us are doing a great job of getting people, particularly in Northern Virginia, to understand the importance and inter-relatedness of government work to improve transportation options. Northern Virginia is home to savvy commuters whose knowledge of transportation issues in the region has grown dramatically since… Read more »


Phone-tracking pilot for London’s Tube riders yields new rider data – Gizmodo UK

Gizmodo UK dug into what Transport for London found while tracking anonymous Tube riders by WiFi last year, and the results are a rich set of data that run from routing to platform crowding. For example: TfL hopes that this data could be used to analyse crowding. For example, the Northern Line was included in… Read more »


WIRED tries to cover TDM, but shows that it’s still a little hard for them to grasp

I like WIRED’s take on the topic of TDM, which they semi-smartly term “alternative-transport perks.” Semi because perks is a nice way to describe what “transportation demand management” really is all about. But “alternative” does a disservice to the need to continue along the path of normalizing things like bicycling and transit. And “transport” sounds… Read more »


You don’t have to be tech-savvy to benefit from open data

Two new stories take interesting looks at open data. One from the Sunlight Foundation details the Mobility Explorer that was featured at our recent TransportationCamp DC. The tool is helping Sunlight search for a new office location. A separate article details a report by the University of Ottawa that finds the wide variety of developer license agreements may be… Read more »


How transit-oriented developments are transforming U.S. cities

Companies, way even more than usual, are moving to where the transit is. This article details many corporate moves and how some cities are approaching TOD. Caterpillar recently announced plans to move its headquarters to the Chicago area after a near-100-year run in Peoria, IL. Even subtle moves tell a big story. Marriott Hotels is sticking with Bethesda, MD,… Read more »

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Ford’s Super Bowl ad captures where mobility is headed

Besides a stunner of a Super Bowl between New England and Atlanta, there was a lot to like in between the snaps as well. Lady Gaga thrilled at halftime and cinematic TV commercials were unveiled left and right. But in Mobility Lab’s space, Ford Motor Company really took the cake as the top ad. It… Read more »


Are all those ride-hailing apps creating more traffic headaches?

With an estimated 30,000 Uber drivers now roaming the streets of the D.C. region, WAMU’s Martin Di Caro wonders whether this is creating more or less clogged traffic. Cal-Berkeley’s Susan Shaheen says it’s complicated. “Our research suggests that it is taking, on net, cars off the road.” Some users wound up using cars more, she… Read more »


Transit needs to take efficiency steps to compete with driving

Governing has studied Census data to compile new findings that suggest public transportation finds it tough to compete with driving because it takes too much time. Interestingly, Ames, Iowa, and Madison, Wis., are two places where driving and transit take about the same amount of time. Cutting down on commute times represents an opportunity to… Read more »