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Affordable housing featured

Strategies Detailed to Remedy DC’s Affordable-Housing Crisis

Lack of affordable housing is an unintended consequence of a region’s success, and can certainly be seen in the Washington D.C. metro area. As the public demand for walkable neighborhoods has increased, low- to moderate-income residents are being priced out of those neighborhoods. And unfortunately, the public policy regarding housing affordability in the United States… Read more »

Winter walkers featured

Build It and They Might Come: Why the Path to a Vibrant City is Not Merely Walkable

It’s no secret that I’m an avid proponent of “good” urban design, walkability, and dynamic cities. I’ve bemoaned the lack of those elements in my hometown (Miami) loudly and repeatedly (see my rant about the bright blue Public Storage building at the corner of my mom’s block). So the fact that ever more planners, government officials,… Read more »

Age in Place 2 featured

Senior Villages Promote “Aging-in-Community”

Retirees around the country have taken their futures into their own hands. People who have led highly independent lives are abandoning the idea of retirement communities by deciding to “age in place.” Over the last decade, people in some neighborhoods have created nonprofit Senior Villages that enable elderly members to stay in their own homes… Read more »

Age in Place featured

Retirement Ghettos Will Disappear as Retirees “Age in Place”

I just returned from visiting my parents in one of South Florida’s gated communities. They informed me that they recently closed on a reverse mortgage, which commits them to living in their current home for the conceivable future – probably until the very end of their days. This announcement flew in the face of their… Read more »

Shark Tank featured

Transport Entrepreneurs Will Try to Wow in Shark Tank

I would like to share information about a very unique session I’m presiding over at this year’s Transportation Research Board (TRB) 92nd Annual Meeting. The Six-Minute Pitch is a competition between four aspiring transportation entrepreneurs. they will each pitch their innovative transportation business ideas in just six minutes to a panel of four distinguished transportation entrepreneurs, including… Read more »

Victoria Report Photo featured

Arguments Against Non-Motorized Transport Development Beginning to Lose Steam

Why are the relatively modest costs of sidewalks, bicycle lanes and paths, and pedestrian improvements met with suspicion and hostility by the conventional auto-oriented transportation community? What are the true costs and the true benefits of these projects? Todd Litman of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute has provided many of these answers in his latest… Read more »

Twinkle Bus Minneapolis featured

Commuting Resolutions For the New Year

Have you thought about your New Year’s resolutions yet? With 2013 less than a week away, now is a good time to start planning. The thing about your daily commute is that it can influence many of the things that will probably be on your resolution list. Resolution #1 – Save Money: Switching from driving… Read more »

Disneyworld featured

Transportation the Disney Way

Last weekend I flew to Orlando for a somewhat ill-fated weekend at Disney World with my mom and aunt. Let’s just say my 12-hour delayed flight home was not the worst of the problems … Nevertheless, I love Disney World, and since my mom and aunt had never been, it was fun to explore everything with them…. Read more »

Affordable Housing featured

Affordable Housing Needed in Areas With Transit Access to Jobs – Brookings Institution

People in the Washington D.C. region who can afford to live in pricier neighborhoods with the best transit access save a lot of money because of the many economic benefits of options like trains, buses, bikeshare, and walkability. Problem is … the people who most need the inexpensiveness of transit don’t live close enough to… Read more »

WAMU featured

Planners Tackle Traffic Congestion to Fort Meade – WAMU 88.5

Planners are looking for ways to improve the commute for the more than 56,000 people who currently work at Fort Meade in central Maryland. A top transportation planner at Fort Meade says there are a couple possible strategies to consider to reduce regional traffic congestion. One would be to build major highways at an estimated cost… Read more »