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Fort Meade featured

A Strategy for Central Maryland’s Increasing Crush of Traffic

At 2.5 million strong, Central Maryland’s workforce and its employers provide a hotbed of innovation and commitment. But to sustain its competitive position, the region must urgently address long-overdue transportation needs. Take the example of Fort Meade, which houses more than 90 government- and military-related tenants and is also our state’s largest employer. Fort Meade… Read more »

The Economics of Bicycling featured

Home Values Higher in Bikable Neighborhoods – League of American Bicyclists

There have been many good recent studies lately on how bikable, walkable areas create “activity centers” that improve real-estate values. And it is worth remembering that those values are increased not just for commercial properties but also for homes. At the back of a new report called Bicycling Means Business by the League of American… Read more »

Bike parking featured

Buildings and Transportation Closely Linked in Fight for Energy Efficiency

Transportation is a major factor in the nation’s ongoing struggle to become energy efficient. Even within the context of buildings, which create a whopping 72 percent of our energy consumption, transportation plays a key role. Transportation-related measures are some of the lowest hanging fruit for developers seeking to reach the U.S. Green Building Council’s cherished… Read more »

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NYC subway featured

Crippled NYC subway could hamper storm recovery – Associated Press

In addition to the tremendous human suffering in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, the estimate of damages to the transportation infrastructure of New York City alone could tally up to $10 billion, with another $40 billion in losses over the four weeks or so it’s expected to take to get the system fully operating again…. Read more »

NYC business featured

Transit Initiatives Are Giving a Boost to Businesses – New York Times

Where pedestrian plazas, bike lanes, and bus rapid transit have been installed in New York City, businesses are seeing significant increases in sales. A new report from the city’s Transportation Department finds that economic development is impressively following along behind transportation-oriented development. And where there is no focus on transportation improvements, businesses are lagging behind…. Read more »

Miami commuters featured

Transportation is a Major Hidden Cost in Our Quality of Life – Center for Housing Policy

A new report shows just how important the cost of transportation – often something we don’t think that much about – is to our standards of living. The authors from the Center for Housing Policy and the Center for Neighborhood Technology write that “the inclusion of transportation costs shifts the relative affordability of many metro areas…. Read more »

Low-income featured

Why Isn’t Bike-Share Reaching More Low-Income People? – Streetsblog Capitol Hill

This is a great question that Angie Schmitt addresses at Streetsblog Capitol Hill and one we hope to address more over time here at Mobility Lab. The article notes that Washington D.C. is slightly ahead of the (admittedly) sorry pack in beginning to offer better services for low-income people who don’t use bikeshare programs proportionally. A… Read more »

Walkable Arlington featured

Arlington Leads the Way into a Walkable Future

I recently had the pleasure of attending a joint symposium, hosted by The George Washington University and The Urban Land Institute, about how the trend towards creating walkable urban places can impact real-estate development. I’m not a real-estate professional. I don’t even own a home. Yet, I still found the day incredibly fascinating. Several speakers noted that Arlington,… Read more »

Crystal City art featured

Business Leaders Keep Crystal City Rolling with the Times and Relevant

Crystal City, Virginia, located across the Potomac River from Washington DC, provides an interesting example of how key investments can shape “activity centers” into more dynamic and successful communities. This is republished from our partners over at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Government’s Region Forward. Major redevelopment in the 1960s transformed Crystal City’s industrial landscape… Read more »