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Economic Prosperity

Arguments Against Non-Motorized Transport Development Beginning to Lose Steam

Why are the relatively modest costs of sidewalks, bicycle lanes and paths, and pedestrian improvements met with suspicion and hostility by the conventional auto-oriented transportation community? What are the true costs and the true benefits of these projects? Todd Litman of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute has provided many of these answers in his latest… Read more »

Commuting Resolutions For the New Year

Have you thought about your New Year’s resolutions yet? With 2013 less than a week away, now is a good time to start planning. The thing about your daily commute is that it can influence many of the things that will probably be on your resolution list. Resolution #1 – Save Money: Switching from driving… Read more »

Transportation the Disney Way

Last weekend I flew to Orlando for a somewhat ill-fated weekend at Disney World with my mom and aunt. Let’s just say my 12-hour delayed flight home was not the worst of the problems … Nevertheless, I love Disney World, and since my mom and aunt had never been, it was fun to explore everything with them…. Read more »

Affordable Housing Needed in Areas With Transit Access to Jobs – Brookings Institution

People in the Washington D.C. region who can afford to live in pricier neighborhoods with the best transit access save a lot of money because of the many economic benefits of options like trains, buses, bikeshare, and walkability. Problem is … the people who most need the inexpensiveness of transit don’t live close enough to… Read more »

Planners Tackle Traffic Congestion to Fort Meade – WAMU 88.5

Planners are looking for ways to improve the commute for the more than 56,000 people who currently work at Fort Meade in central Maryland. A top transportation planner at Fort Meade says there are a couple possible strategies to consider to reduce regional traffic congestion. One would be to build major highways at an estimated cost… Read more »

A Strategy for Central Maryland’s Increasing Crush of Traffic

At 2.5 million strong, Central Maryland’s workforce and its employers provide a hotbed of innovation and commitment. But to sustain its competitive position, the region must urgently address long-overdue transportation needs. Take the example of Fort Meade, which houses more than 90 government- and military-related tenants and is also our state’s largest employer. Fort Meade… Read more »

Home Values Higher in Bikable Neighborhoods – League of American Bicyclists

There have been many good recent studies lately on how bikable, walkable areas create “activity centers” that improve real-estate values. And it is worth remembering that those values are increased not just for commercial properties but also for homes. At the back of a new report called Bicycling Means Business by the League of American… Read more »

Buildings and Transportation Closely Linked in Fight for Energy Efficiency

Transportation is a major factor in the nation’s ongoing struggle to become energy efficient. Even within the context of buildings, which create a whopping 72 percent of our energy consumption, transportation plays a key role. Transportation-related measures are some of the lowest hanging fruit for developers seeking to reach the U.S. Green Building Council’s cherished… Read more »

Crippled NYC subway could hamper storm recovery – Associated Press

In addition to the tremendous human suffering in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, the estimate of damages to the transportation infrastructure of New York City alone could tally up to $10 billion, with another $40 billion in losses over the four weeks or so it’s expected to take to get the system fully operating again…. Read more »