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Mobility Lab Express #112

Given that our most-read post this week encouraged retailers to embrace bike parking, it’s worth re-upping this post about Arlington County’s guide for bicycle parking standards. Secure, simple racks can go a good way toward encouraging bicycling: a 2012 Virginia Tech study of DC commuters found that people with bike parking at their offices were… Read more »

Mobility Lab Express #111

Regardless of the timing of their arrival, autonomous vehicles will play a significant role in how we discuss congestion in the future. To get ahead of the problem, it’s worth exploring pricing plans to incentivize efficient deployment and behaviors. Mobility Lab’s Managing Director Howard Jennings made the case for this kind of forward thinking recently… Read more »

Mobility Lab Express #110

It’s the middle of May, and that can only mean one thing: Bike Month. Cities and towns across the country are holding their Bike to Work Days, providing a welcoming, stress-free opportunity for commuters to finally try out a two-wheel commute. Here in Arlington, Va., we’re looking forward to the D.C. region’s Bike to Work… Read more »

Mobility Lab Express #109

Last month, the Association for Commuter Transportation gathered in Washington, D.C., for its 2017 Public Policy Summit, which showcased the changing policies of transportation demand management – covering everything from “mobility as a service” to the current state of the commuter tax benefit. ACT also launched its “25 x 20” campaign, which looks to encourage… Read more »

Mobility Lab Express #108

Major transportation disruptions never fail to create predictions of “carrmageddon” when more commuters are forced onto fewer roads. But each case, like the latest and ongoing closure in Atlanta, offers an interesting study in how people react and ultimately avert gridlock. Many in Atlanta have taken to MARTA, which has stepped up service to accommodate… Read more »

Mobility Lab Express #107

Research unveiled at South by Southwest last month (see below) serves as a reminder of the potential congestion-causing impacts and many other unknowns of autonomous vehicles. And while the new technologies may be intriguing, a Swedish transit ad reminds riders (and transportation advocates) that the true shared, electric, traffic-fighting mode is already here: buses. And… Read more »

Mobility Lab Express #106

South by Southwest is currently running in Austin, part of which is highlighting new technologies and businesses looking to make their mark on transportation options. Though the exact impacts of emerging technologies like autonomous vehicles are currently unknown, statements from automakers and other companies indicate broad moves to begin selling not just cars, but mobility options… Read more »

Mobility Lab Express #105

For major employers and large residential properties facing parking crunches and other transportation demand issues, potential TDM fixes may be hiding in plain sight. See the featured story from Arlington Transportation Partners in which our survey of a local hospital’s employees revealed a surprisingly high potential for carpool matches. Also covered in this issue: tweaking… Read more »

Mobility Lab Express #104 – Building a transit army

This month, a number of news items have highlighted the ongoing importance of transportation demand management as a tool to address congestion issues. A biennial report from downtown Seattle shows how TDM efforts and transit improvements are keeping drive-alone commutes at 30 percent while transit ridership rises. Noted below, San Francisco is investing in a… Read more »

Mobility Lab Express #102

Earlier this month, more than 430 advocates, professionals, and enthusiasts braved a snowy Saturday for an energetic, bustling TransportationCamp DC 2017.  The event would not have been possible for us without the support of host partners, sponsors, and a small army of dedicated volunteers. See below for our write-up, and keep an eye out for… Read more »