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Bicycle Studies

Biking in Arlington gets a boost from Safetrack and warmer winter weather

Has there been an increase in biking in Arlington due to Washington D.C.’s region-wide SafeTrack initiative to repair Metrorail? It’s a difficult question to answer at this point. BikeArlington has already reported that there were increases up to 75 percent over 2015 daily averages in bike traffic at the Rosslyn-Custis Trail bike counter during the… Read more »

2013 Capital Bikeshare Member Health Survey

Students from The George Washington University’s Master of Public Policy and Public Administration Program fielded a survey of Capital Bikeshare members that focused on their health, in addition to basic demographic and system-usage information. These students analyzed the survey responses to draw conclusions about health before and after joining the Bikeshare program. Key Findings Capital… Read more »

2013 Capital Bikeshare Member Survey

Capital Bikeshare is currently the largest bikesharing program in the United States with approximately 1900 bikes, 220 stations, and 22,000 members.  It is also one of the oldest and most established, beginning operations in September 2010. As cities in the United States consider bikeshare programs, there is a growing interest in how people use bikesharing… Read more »

2011-2012 Capital Bikeshare Member Survey

Presented here are some of the results of the Capital Bikeshare Customer Use and Satisfaction Survey conducted for the Capital Bikeshare program in late 2011 and released in June 2012. Capital Bikeshare, a program jointly owned and sponsored by the District of Columbia and Arlington County, VA and operated by Alta Bicycle Share, Inc., offers… Read more »

Arlington Bikeshare Transit Development Plan (TDP)

Bikeshare TDP Updates and Progress Reports These updates summarize Arlington County’s progress in implementing the recommendations of the TDP, provide a financial projection based on the system’s financial performance to-date, outline anticipated capital needs, and identifies future system improvements. See more at BikeArlington For information about Arlington County’s comprehensive Transit Development Plan, visit the Arlington… Read more »

2011 ACCS BikeArlington Study

  BikeArlington, a program of Arlington County Commuter Services (ACCS), works to make biking in Arlington easier, safer, and more convenient. In 2011, the Southeastern Institute of Research was contracted to survey both bikers and non-bikers in Arlington to understand the impact of the program and to learn ways to encourage more widespread use of cycling… Read more »

2008 ACCS BikeArlington and WalkArlington Studies

These studies seek to: understand how the BikeArlington and WALKArlington programs are currently performing; identify ways to improve the products and service delivery; measure the overall impact of ACCS’ investment in BikeArlington and WalkArlington; and establish benchmarks to assess future performance gains. Note: The study findings detailed in this report should be viewed as directional, and… Read more »