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2004 Arlington County Public Perceptions of Transit Study

This project was a component of a semi-annual psychographic and behavioral study of Washington area residents. The purpose of this study was to determine Washington area residents’ behaviors and attitudes toward transportation, in particular toward the private car, Metrobus, and Metrorail. KEY FINDINGS Private Car Usage: Use of the private car was quite prevalent in… Read more »

2006 Impact of Promoting Arlington to Tysons Corner Transit Services Study

In hopes of further alleviating some of the traffic congestion on I-66, a modest marketing fund was put together to promote four transit routes (Metrobus 23A and 24T, Fairfax Connector 425 and 427) connecting Arlington and Tysons Corner. Funding was directed towards a brief promotional campaign that employed both paid and PSA advertising – bus… Read more »

2006 Arlington County Teen Transit Initiative Study

The purpose of this study was to provide a marketing information foundation for the Arlington County Teen Transit Initiative, a teen-led task force charged with planning additional transit-oriented services for Arlington County teens. KEY FINDINGS Teen Demographics: Just over half the respondents were female. The majority were 16 and 17 years of age, white, and… Read more »

2005 Development Related Ridership Study

This report is an update to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s (WMATA) sixteen-year old development related ridership study – a study of the travel behavior of persons going to and from office, residential, hotel, and retail sites near Metrorail stations. This effort seeks to determine if modal splits for land uses have changed over… Read more »

2006-2008 Arlington County Commuter Services (ACCS) Research and Evaluation Plan

This plan outlines a research and evaluation process to collect and analyze data to assess the performance of Arlington County Commuter Services (ACCS) and to enhance ACCS’ effectiveness in providing travel assistance services in Arlington County.  The plan establishes a series of performance indicators related to objectives and expectations established for ACCS, defines data needed… Read more »

2006 Arlington County Residents’ Satisfaction with Transportation Telephone Study

As outlined in the 2006-2008 Arlington County Commuter Services (ACCS) Program Research and Evaluation Plan, the purpose of this study was to collect and analyze information needed to assess the performance of ACCS in order to enhance ACCS’ effectiveness in providing travel assistance services in Arlington County. KEY FINDINGS Travel Patterns & Choices: Four out… Read more »

2004 MetroDC State of the Commute Study – Arlington

This study analyzed data collected in two regional commuter surveys undertaken in the Washington DC metropolitan region by Commuter Connections.  The first survey was conducted in 2001 and the second in 2004. The study analyzed data for respondents who lived in Arlington County and those who worked in Arlington County and compared these results to… Read more »

2006 Arlington County Carshare Program Study

This research study was the follow-up tracking wave to the initial Pilot Carshare Study conducted in April 2005. Since then, the Arlington County Carshare Program has become a permanent transportation service. This study measured Carshare Members’ feelings and opinions of the program. The results helped assess the overall effectiveness of the Carshare program. KEY FINDINGS… Read more »

2005 Demographics and Development for Commuter Service Managers Guide

The purpose of this guide is to: compile demographic information to help guide commuter services managers in planning and delivering services; summarize demographics of Arlington County residents and commuters based on U.S. Census Bureau and Arlington Planning Division data; understand residential and commercial development characteristics and trends in Arlington County; and forecast future populations, employment… Read more »

2005 Arlington Transportation Partners’ (ATP) Fiscal Year Annual Report

This document outlines Arlington Transportation Partners’ (ATP) FY 2005 programs and related accomplishments. ATP provides transportation benefit implementation services to businesses, residential communities, and hotels in Arlington County. Sales representatives from ATP contact and work closely with clients representing private and public sector employers, property managers, civic associations, and hoteliers to implement services benefiting employees,… Read more »