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2005 Demographics and Development for Commuter Service Managers Guide

The purpose of this guide is to: compile demographic information to help guide commuter services managers in planning and delivering services; summarize demographics of Arlington County residents and commuters based on U.S. Census Bureau and Arlington Planning Division data; understand residential and commercial development characteristics and trends in Arlington County; and forecast future populations, employment… Read more »

2005 Arlington Transportation Partners’ (ATP) Fiscal Year Annual Report

This document outlines Arlington Transportation Partners’ (ATP) FY 2005 programs and related accomplishments. ATP provides transportation benefit implementation services to businesses, residential communities, and hotels in Arlington County. Sales representatives from ATP contact and work closely with clients representing private and public sector employers, property managers, civic associations, and hoteliers to implement services benefiting employees,… Read more »

2005 Arlington County Commuter Services (ACCS) Fiscal Year Annual Report

This report outlines ACCS’s FY2005 programs and accomplishments. Details are provided on programs designed to increase awareness and use of alternative forms of transportation in Arlington County through its various divisions:  Marketing, Sales, Distribution, Retail, Internet, and Transit Demand Management Planning/Administration. The Sales Division employs Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP), which is responsible for employer, residential,… Read more »

2003 Arlington County SOV Driving Trip Reduction Study

The purpose of this study was to identify ways to reduce the number of Single Occupancy Vehicle (SOV) driving trips. KEY FINDINGS Driving Trip Characteristics: The average household made 31.7 weekly trips by driving. The average mileage driven was 144.2 miles per week. The average number of SOV commuting driving trips, among those who work… Read more »

2003 Arlington County Pike Ride Transit Service Study

The purpose of this study was to assess the initial launch of Arlington County’s new “Pike Ride” transit service and to identify ways to improve the service. The new service began in September 2003 and is provided by Metrobus. KEY FINDINGS Rider Profile: Based on respondents intercepted, the typical “Pike Ride” rider was: An average of… Read more »

2001 Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP) Solutions Newsletter Assessment Study

The purpose of this study was to assess the effectiveness of, and solicit ideas for potential improvements to Arlington Transportation Partners’ (ATP) package of promotional materials targeted to employers in Arlington County. This package primarily consists of ATP’s Solutions newsletter that is mailed out three times a year. KEY FINDINGS  ATP and Solutions Newsletter Awareness:… Read more »

2000-2002 Arlington County Commuter Assistance Program Research Plan

The purpose of this plan is to outline how Arlington County can best meet the opportunities and challenges ahead as the County continues to experience economic growth and the increasing demands of regional mobilization. This plan recommends a basic market research program to monitor the overall attitudes of existing and trial riders and track the… Read more »