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Jurisdictions work together to put transportation options in place along horrible I-66 – Insidenova

A September 20 ribbon-cutting ushers in what should be the start of some relief along the Interstate 66 corridor in Northern Virginia into D.C. If commuters and travelers are willing to try other means besides their drive-alone cars, they will likely find a less-maddening way to get around. Ten multimodal projects were announced that will… Read more »

Rethinking buses may make Montgomery County a gridlock-free paradise

Montgomery County, Md., is working to provide a system of systems to make it easier for everyone to get around – a multimodal network. Together with the existing Metrorail and bus networks, more multimodal options are coming online, with a vision of lessening the number of cars on the county’s gridlocked roadways. Ride On extRa (or… Read more »

Getting a glimpse at how an AV Cadillac sees the world

“Guess what car I got to ‘drive’ today,” I greeted my V-8 engine, Motor-City maniac, lover of super-charged cars teenager (aka Dear Son). “What, Mobility Momma? Autonomous roller blades or a matronly autonomous-vehicle riding lawn mower, or something more dignified?” replied my automotive wise man. “Guess.” Dear Son, who actually is interested and a favorite… Read more »

A good explanation of what that “driverless” car was doing in Arlington, Va. – TechCrunch

There was recently a wacky story in the news about pedestrians and others in Arlington spotting a driverless car roaming the streets. Turns out, it wasn’t truly driverless. There was a person hidden in the driver’s seat and it was not a trick, but part of an experiment being run by Virginia Tech Transportation Institute… Read more »

Don’t wait for transportation options, take them to the people

Most people, believe it or not, really don’t think much about their transportation options. They just get in the car and go. So other than grumbling about it, what can transportation demand management professionals from throughout the country do? Well, for one, they can take a look at what Arlington Transportation Partners in Virginia recently… Read more »

Teachers leave behind their lonesome commutes

The Switch, Part 1 – Mobility Lab’s video series on how everyday Americans can rethink their transportation options. Teachers who rideshare, or “carpool,” get to wave at the other commuters stuck in traffic as they breeze past in the HOV lanes. And that’s not all. Once teachers get to school – in the case of… Read more »

Survey says: Millennials favor more transit, less on-street parking – ARLnow

For some reason, we’re always amazed at how smart people about transportation issues in our home base of Arlington, Va. More proof? A county-run survey was recently released that finds Millennials (of which there are a lot in Arlington) really want primo transit. Check out some of the key findings. The findings come from the county’s Engage Arlington website,… Read more »

NEVs Sprynt

Upscale golf cart becomes the latest mobility innovation in Arlington

This summer, Sprynt moved Arlington, Va., into a new category: a community with a street-legal electric golf-cart shuttle. I missed Sprynt’s opening day on June 23, but my kids caught me up on the way to swim practice one morning a few weeks later. They said “Sprynt looks like a stretch-golf-cart. You’ll probably like it,… Read more »

Transit should cater to similar needs of seniors and Millennials

While Millennials and seniors are in diametrically opposing life stages, they are similar in many ways in their attitudes towards public transportation. Take the Millennials interviewed and surveyed back in 2012 and 2013 by the American Public Transportation Association’s Millennials & Mobility study and the Arlington, Va., seniors who participated in Mobility Lab’s focus groups… Read more »

senior study findings from Mobility Lab

Seniors, not just Millennials, may be turning away from driver’s licenses

Millennials and seniors having anything in common may sound unusual. But when it comes to transportation, seniors age 65 and up may be following their 18-to-35-year-old cohorts’ lead by increasingly diversifying their transportation habits – or not having driver’s licenses all together. That is in line with what Mobility Lab found with some recent focus… Read more »