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Columbia Pike

Slow Down! And Four Other Ways to Make People Love Cyclists

Just as there are two Americas, there are two types of cyclists. First, there are the Cyclists with a capital “C,” clad in Lycra and obsessed with speed. These cyclists probably spent upwards of $1,000 on a bike, are often male, and everything about them signals that cycling is not for mere mortals. These adrenaline… Read more »

How to Combat “Bikelash?” Embrace It

There will always be those who are resistant to change. These are the people who fight the Columbia Pike Streetcar despite credible evidence of its return on investment. These are the ones who use rhetoric like “war on cars” and are fond of excessive punctuation. And lately, these are the people who write angry op-eds… Read more »

Velvet Rope

Suburbanites Seek Status Behind “Velvet Rope,” Argues Transit Activist Ross

Why do so many Americans choose to live in the suburbs, despite the increasingly long commute times and lack of community often associated with these places? Benjamin Ross, a Washington D.C.-based transit activist whose grass-roots lobbying efforts led to the planned Purple Line in Maryland, argues that suburbia has a persistent allure because it is… Read more »

New Women’s Group Hopes to Refine “The Arlington Way”

“The Arlington Way” is viewed as one of the first and best examples of civic engagement at the local level. However, the drumbeat of criticism and opposition to all manner of needed investments suggest the Arlington Way as we know it is falling short. There are many factors likely at play: complex project design, a… Read more »

New Light Rail Line Brings Transportation Choice to Minneapolis-St. Paul

The Green Line is now open, connecting downtown Minneapolis with downtown St. Paul, as well as routing though the University of Minnesota campus. There have been lots of news stories about the opening of the new light rail line, the investment made with federal, state, and local money; the private investments made; and the investments… Read more »

Why Streetcars Aren’t a Waste of Money

This article was originally published at Architect This City. Last weekend a friend of mine sent me an article from The Economist talking about why trams, streetcars, and light rail are a waste of money. The argument is basically that steetcars are expensive, less efficient, and that — despite North America’s renewed interest in them —… Read more »

Virginia Senator Discusses Silver Line, Streetcar, Uber at Mobility Lab

A recent Salon article called Arlington the suburb of the future, and Virginia State Senator Barbara Favola (D) had a big hand in creating it. At Mobility Lab’s Lunch At the Lab this week, the 14-year veteran of the Arlington County Board discussed a wide array of transportation issues in Virginia, including the Silver Line, the Columbia Pike Streetcar, Virginia’s transportation… Read more »

How Arlington Plans to Invest in Transportation Future

More people are moving throughout Arlington County, Virginia without additional automobile congestion. Over the past 15 years, Arlington’s arterial roads have had less traffic, while transit usage during the same period of time has increased 34.5 percent. As transit service has grown, customer satisfaction has increased, especially on the county’s ART buses. These statistics were highlighted… Read more »

Other Places Nipping at Heels of Arlington’s Transit-Oriented Development

Arlington, Virginia has long been a national and local leader of transit-oriented development (TOD). It’s been the jurisdictional equivalent of an iPad when the majority of places were still desktop PCs. Now, many other places are patterning themselves based on the traits Arlington perfected; that is, relatively dense and containing mixed-use, walkable, and bikeable neighborhoods… Read more »

Columbia Pike Streetcar, Affordable Housing Merit Award for Arlington’s Tejada

Because of his work on the Arlington County Board to adopt of a visionary plan for the Columbia Pike corridor, the Coalition for Smarter Growth honored Walter Tejada with its Livable Communities Leadership Award on Thursday night. Tejada, at a swanky awards ceremony at Epic Studio in Washington D.C.’s Dupont Circle, told the story of… Read more »