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Slow Down! And Four Other Ways to Make People Love Cyclists

Just as there are two Americas, there are two types of cyclists. First, there are the Cyclists with a capital “C,” clad in Lycra and obsessed with speed. These cyclists probably spent upwards of $1,000 on a bike, are often male, and everything about them signals that cycling is not for mere mortals. These adrenaline… Read more »

Mobility Lab’s Top 10 Stories of 2014

Uber, Sidecar, and Lyft Are Great Options, But They Are Not Ridesharing Companies– Although these companies still mistakenly refer to themselves as “ridesharing” services, they should be commended for giving people more transportation options and beginning to allow people to actually share rides (thus, potentially taking drive-alone trips off the roads) through new offshoots like Lyft… Read more »

Elly Blue Works to Build Economic Equality for Bicycling Movement

Elly Blue and her team of bike activists – which include a cook and the founder of Microcosm Publishing Joe Biel – recently visited the Washington D.C. area and, with support from BikeArlington, held an evening gathering at Mobility Lab. Blue, an independent publisher, has written a series of books on the societal benefits of biking…. Read more »

Bicycling Gains Could Eventually Put U.S. Cities on Par with Copenhagen

The mainstreaming of bicycling is nothing short of a comeback story in the United States. Bicycle ridership generally is up, and so is bike commuting, particularly in some key urban markets. In automobile-congested but bicycle-friendly regions such as New York, San Francisco, and Washington D.C., the ability of bikes to outmaneuver automobiles and avoid headache-inducing… Read more »

Why Not Copenhagenize Our Streets Now?

Copenhagen is, of course, a landmark of great transportation change over the past two decades. But it wasn’t always that way. A pedestrian way was initially proposed to get people on the streets and cars off. Citizens refused, saying that walking was not for them. It was not a part of their culture. However, following… Read more »

Top 10 Bike and Bus Observations From Copenhagen

As I’ve mentioned here before, Copenhagen is an eye-opening city for multi-modal commuting options. I mean, you’ve gotta love a city with a golden woman on a bicycle overlooking it. In the early 1900s, the Danish capital was regarded as a top cycling city. Then car culture slowly seeped in. There was massive protesting of… Read more »

My Experience in Multi-Modal Copenhagen

My boyfriend and I decided to spend Christmas week in Copenhagen because we are both bicycle-as-transportation advocates, and there are few cities that do biking better than Copenhagen. The city is known as “The City of Cyclists,” and with good reason – a third of the population uses bikes for transportation. Flat terrain and bicycle-friendly… Read more »