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Bikeshare systems get more creative with equity issues

This article was originally published at Jennifer’s blog. I recently attended the North American Bikeshare Association (NABSA) conference in Montreal to present some of the findings from our research at Portland State University on equity and bikesharing. On the first day, each member gave a one-minute blurb, sharing highlights of their past year. Several of the systems… Read more »

Rethinking buses may make Montgomery County a gridlock-free paradise

Montgomery County, Md., is working to provide a system of systems to make it easier for everyone to get around – a multimodal network. Together with the existing Metrorail and bus networks, more multimodal options are coming online, with a vision of lessening the number of cars on the county’s gridlocked roadways. Ride On extRa (or… Read more »

Getting a glimpse at how an AV Cadillac sees the world

“Guess what car I got to ‘drive’ today,” I greeted my V-8 engine, Motor-City maniac, lover of super-charged cars teenager (aka Dear Son). “What, Mobility Momma? Autonomous roller blades or a matronly autonomous-vehicle riding lawn mower, or something more dignified?” replied my automotive wise man. “Guess.” Dear Son, who actually is interested and a favorite… Read more »

Mobility Lab Express #118

Read Mobility Lab Express #118 We’ve had autonomous-vehicle fever around Mobility Lab lately. We’re really concerned (and excited) about how the quality of people’s lives are affected and improved with the introduction of AVs. At this stage, which is mostly about real-life testing scenarios, policy needs to incentivize shared mobility (instead of private ownership) to… Read more »

Virtual currencies like Bitcoin could make transit faster and more secure

Over the past 20 years, innovations previously undreamed of have appeared left, right, and center. Most recently, automated technology and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing a range of industries and sectors, from health care to transport. Cryptocurrencies are another technological revolution taking us by storm. The digital currencies are created and used online, with some, such… Read more »

Autonomous vehicles will improve transportation options for older Americans and people with disabilities

Imagine you are the adult child of a senior-citizen parent who is mentally sharp and active but whose reflexes and eyesight are not what they used to be just a few years ago. The ability to go to the grocery store, visit family and friends, or make a trip to the doctor’s office is important… Read more »

Don’t wait for transportation options, take them to the people

Most people, believe it or not, really don’t think much about their transportation options. They just get in the car and go. So other than grumbling about it, what can transportation demand management professionals from throughout the country do? Well, for one, they can take a look at what Arlington Transportation Partners in Virginia recently… Read more »

DC Commute Times hopes to build a transportation community

We are in a period rife with experiments in transportation, from the top down, from the bottom up, from government, large corporations, and individual entrepreneurs. One fresh effort is DC Commute Times, started by Jeff Wong in October of 2016 to integrate information about a regional transportation system many perceive as broken. Wong’s site includes… Read more »

House bill designed to speed deployment of autonomous vehicles, more work to come

This week, after months of wrangling and contentious hearings over the future of autonomous vehicles, the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously approved H.R. 3388 – also known as the SAFE DRIVE Act. While the House generally agrees about the potential for AVs to save lives, consumer groups remain skeptical that the public will be protected… Read more »

3 reasons autonomous vehicles need your city’s data (and how to offer it)

How will driverless cars safely navigate the roads of all American cities, avoiding crashes and injuries, where sensors have never been and for which telematics data are not robust? Answering this fundamental question is essential for widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles and also very valuable for that industry – including car manufacturers, carsharing companies, and shipping and delivery companies –… Read more »